Monday, 17 July 2017


At long last the day arrived and Friday was the day of the foot operation. Been a long haul but hopefully it is nearing the end now and there is light at the end of the tunnel. 
Got there very early actually about seven thirty! which seems like the middle of the night to us, but Vin had all sorts of alarms going however, we were up before them. He waited with me in the waiting room, and we were called in for the various tests, exams, questioning etc., saw Mr Butcher, who drew a nice big arrow picture on the leg pointing to the place he was going to work on.   Eventually got changed and was taken off mid morning to the operation. Woke up in recovery with lovely hot blankets! Bliss for me! Soon moved to a different recovery room and coffee and toast, then home mid afternoon. 
Saturday didn't do much, mostly watched the tennis finals which was a disaster for Venus Williams, Sunday had a bit of a go on the computer, and did the crosswords, so brain still working! and watched the men's finals in the afternoon. My Roger Federer won for the record eigth time, absolutely amazing, what a player! He is always so nice too, never loses his temper or has a hissy fit like some of them. Well done my Roger. 
Little Jessie has been round and about as usual, broke a glass vase on Saturday night which didn't please her Daddy because it went everywhere and he had to clean it up. Oh dear! 
Ah but she loves him really!  

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