Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Nothing Doing!

Nothing on the horizon today, not going out so we stopped in and did our usual things according to our little routine, veery boring but it suits us nicely. Vin did a bit of clearing out, mainly packaging because it is the brown bin tomorrow.  I did some of my letter to John and Ann on the computer, which I need to get off fairly soon. 
Vin said the weather over there in Perth is about the same as it is here, which is quite cool actually. The only thing is is that it is their Winter and our Summer!  We did have a brief heatwave which lastedabout three days then it has been all downhill since. Even Wimbledon was rained off twice yesterday. 
Little Jessie has been in like us today, she did go out for a little while just before lunchtime and Vin said "Don't get your paws wet"  :) Not much chance of that really.  The doorbell went this morning and it was a man selling fresh fish, it's funny she didn't run to the door.  Vin had to turn him away because he said we are vegetarian!
"His" cat having a mooch.

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