Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Nice and Sunny !

Woke up this morning to a much better day. Lovely and bright and sunny and totally different from yesterday. So we decided to do what we were going to do yesterday but didn't. 
So off we went to Dobbies. it is nice in the sun, and you can have a good look round inside at the gifts etc., there was a sale on but there wasn't anything that we fancied. The house is pretty full of clutter anyway and we aren't really looking for more.  :) 
We did have a good browse inside, and bought a few foodie things that we will use anyway, but no candle things much. At least not the Yankee candles, they seem to be disappearing from there. 
Went for our coffee, and found a nice quiet table in the shade. We both had flat whites which ended up being mostly in the saucers. No just kidding, the girl had overfilled the cups so they spilt over the tops a bit ! Nice though, and since they are free you can't complain can you !!
 Little Jessie hadn't moved when we got back, She was still in her basket on the sofa in the front room.  She seems to like the peace and quiet there. 
Now where shall I goto trip her up?  Coming downstairs after changing my clothes, there she was lying full length along the bottom step!!!  Trying to get her daddy on her own?

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