Thursday, 27 July 2017


If you like them cold and blowy!. Typical summer weather that I remember from our holidays on the coast at Angelsey, sitting on the beach with goosebumps and wondering why we bother. The first year that we went to Florida when Jane was small was a revelation, hot and humid but you didn't get cold and shivery!. Great holidays they were and started a love affair with America, finishing with gorgeous New England ones. 
Jane rang up atour coffee time, she was off to get somelunch and had been for her eye tests etc., she had a vision test done and saw the Doctor. She has to have another examination /test done in September, so is getting something done. 
Little Jessie has not been much in evidence really, she woke Vin up this morning because he had his hand out of the bed and she was licking it to get him up. Clever cat!
Cold and blowy this afternoon, and we actually had carrot and coriander soup for our lunch. Who would believe that in the middle of July! supposed to be our summer and it is colder than Australia and it is their Winter!
Where is the elusive cat I wonder? Probably asleep in the front room. Or she could be outside with Vin who is scratching away at the weeds in the garden. 
is she having a mooch or is she looking for her Daddy? 

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