Thursday, 6 July 2017

Just a Quiet Day!

We didn't plan to go out anywhere today because we are off to Aintree tomorrow for a Podiatry appointment which is at ten o'clock so we will have to be up early for that.  We managed to get to the hair one at 10.30 yesterday so that was good.  Next  Friday is going to be really really early because we have to be there for seven          o'clock. That is very hard going. 
Vin did the bedding this morning and managed to get the sheets on the line with it being a lovely warm sunny day.   Little Jessie was out for a bit this morning but not for long, Vin reckons she doesn't like the full sun. Most of the cats we have had have quite enjoyed the sunshine, Bobby was a real sun baby, she used to find a nice sunny spot and recline there. Rusty would go out quite a lot, but didn't like to get too hot.  Inky loved the heat whether it be sunshine or the fireplace. In the winter she would practically live in front of the fire where she would stick her little tongue out. Ah memories of lovely cats. 
 His baby posing in the garden!
 These two would usually be together in the garden but they weren't exactly close actually. 

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