Thursday, 24 August 2017

Birthday Boy!

Happy Birthday to my lovely husband Vincent.  Thankyou for everything that you do, and all of your little kindnesses. You are truly one of life's good people. Love you always.
This has been a week of nothing but appointments really. Monday at podiatry.  Wednesday to see Mr Butcher and have the wire removed, Thursday to the dentist to have the bridge replaced and glued in again. Friday to podiatry to have the dressing changed and a new pack fitted. Poor Vin has unstintingly taken me to everything without complaint or anything. How can I ever thank him for all of that.
Little Jessie hasn't woken him up too early the last couple of mornings, but he says he wakes up very early now anyway because his body clock is now tuned to getting up with her. So he got up early to get a cup of tea and came back to bed.He got a parcel from John and Ann yesterday with a card for him, and a woollen scarf that he was pleased with. 

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