Monday, 14 August 2017

Tootsie Time!

If it is Monday it is Tootsies to be done at the Podiatry clinic in Aintree.  Got there on time because we were listening to the opmaster Quiz on Radio two which we like. Then I went in while he parked the car. 
To be honest I was really glad to get the dressing off because it had been buzzing like mad, most of the weekend. There is a little motor which goes into my side pocket, and if it buzzes it means there is a leak in the dressing. Sometimes it works if you just rub the place around the dressing where you think it is leaking from, but it just wasn't playing ball at all on this weekend. So we often ended up switching it off.  Anyway she changed the dressing and put a thinner one one, and so far touch wood that is working very well.
Following the appointment we went off to the Aintree retail park and got a Costa. Really quiet in there which is unusual because they are often very busy. We both had flat whites which are nice because we can't make those at home on the Tassimo machine.  Still don't know how they are made actually. 
Vin got his driving licence back today which was really quick. He says he can drive an electric bike, a tractor and an electric quad bike! Can't see him on a tractor any time soon. 
When we got homelittle jessie was at the front door. She doesn't do that very often so she must had  been peckish. She was miaowing too which is nice. Vin let her out for a bit while the sun was shining but she came in again quite quickly. 

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