Thursday, 10 August 2017

In today Out Tomorrow !

Didn't go out today because we are out tomorrow at the podiatry clinic at Aintree.  It is an afternoon appointment so at least we don't have to get up with the larks which suits us both nicely.
Don't like this typeset because it is too small for me but for some reason the print size will not operate today. What a pain!.
Everything looked so small. Now it has decided to work properly I have absolutely no idea why I haven't pressed anything unusual. Hmmm Technology!
Vin got a letter this morning about the Smart meter but we already had that fuss in february when we waited in all day for them to come and fit one, and after around five minutes they said that they coudn't get a line so couldn't do it.  ! He went to phone them this morning and explained that had happened so she took us off the list for at least a year until the technology was better!
He also got a letter about his driving licence which needed a new photograph, and renewing. He could do that online which is good and he did that on his netbook. That is working really well now (touch wood) as we say. 
Little Jessie woke him up quite early and get a cup of tea. He brought that back upstairs but I was asleep, yesterday I was awake for ages waiting for him to come back but he didn't! 
Upstairs or down? Not quite sure.
Quite sunny in the back garden today, gets fairly warm when the sun comes round in the afternoon. Vin has said it is the green bin on Monday so he's gone out to pull anything up that has grown in all of the rain we have had.

No idea why all of these have uploaded, it should have only been the last one!!!

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