Thursday, 3 August 2017

In Today Out Tomorrow!

 In today mainly because we are out tomorrow at an appointment in Aintree, the second for the week. It is my one with Mr Butcher to have the stitches removed and the wound etc., looked at. What fun! 
The tube is still attached so that is ok, hope it is doing its job, it seemed to be working when she looked at it on Monday. 
Jane rang up at lunchtime she had been on her way to Greggs to get something but they didn't have anything, so was going to get a Costa on her way back and get something when she was on her way home I think. 
Vin has just come in and said that he was texting a competition outside but the cold had made him go to the bathroom, not really what you expect for the middle of summer. I noticed on FB that the temp in Australia is the same, and it is their Winter. Crazy world. 
Jessie has hardly shown her face really, but Vin did say that Alex had said that she slept a lot. Well that is true she does. Most of the day in fact.  The doorbell went when we were having our lunch and it was the meter man to read the meter, and she belted upstairs.  She soon came down for a bit of reassurance from Vin though. 
He is quite upset today because Michelle, the girl in the end house has lost her cat. It has been missing for two days now apparently, so he is on the lookout. Hope it isn't too far from home and turns up. When our Rusty went off she was missing for  a month and it was terrible. We put notices up all over the village, everywhere we could think of, and eventually after a very long month and absolutely terrible weather, because it was February  She was incredibly thin when she came back, she had been spotted in one of the big houses over the line in their garden and ran to Vin when he was contacted and went over. It was lovely to get her back.
I don't think this one would go missing, she is way too timid and rarely goes even to the end of our small garden. Aaah!
Having a look but that's all. 

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