Friday, 11 August 2017

Tootsie Day!

Today really revolved around the fot appointment at podiatry in Aintree. It was at 2.00 so our morning was changed. Instead of having our mid morning coffee we went to our lunch a bit earlier. For me it was the usual "yogit"  and crisps and Vin had a cheese sandwich with his vegan cheese. 
Got to our appointment n time, and apparently after removing the Picu pack the foot is healing very nicely now. Still a bit to go but it doesn't look so red any more, and Jo is quite pleased with it. 
Been quite sunny this morning but has gone a lot cooler now. In fact I have just put the heater on in here!! I notice that next doors have clouds of steam  coming from their boiler so they must have their heating on! 
Little Jessie as usual hasn't moved very much if at all. Apparently she did wake her Daddy up early this morning and he went down to feed her. I think he quite enjoys the cup of tea that goes with it though :) When we came back from podiatry  she just about raised a sleepy eye to have a look. 

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