Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Busy Week but a Quiet Day !

What a week! Monday we were at not one but two appointments! One to start with at Nephrology clinic in Aintree, and then the second also there at the podiatry clinic. The first at twelve and the second at two thirty. But, on Friday Jo said that when we had finished at the kidney clinic just go straight down there and she would fit us in. Isn't that lovely!
So both clinics went well, did all the usual tests in the kidney one and all fine. In fact we were only in with the doctor about two minutes and then went for a blood test. Then Vin wheeled me down to podiatry. A bit of a wait, but she was true to her word and fitted us in. Changed the dressing and said that it was looking better, and that Mr Butcher, still wanted to see me on Wednesday to maybe take out the wire in the small toe. So that is tomorrow. 
Today we have been at home, I have done some fiddling on the computer, and Vin has done all sorts of bits and bobs. Assorted meals including a really lovely skinny Macchiato at mid morning, , vacuuming some of which he does when the cat isn't around because she doesn't like it! 
Speaking of whom, she only woke him up at four in the morning- do I feel a song coming on :) he went down to get a cup of tea, feed her and then came back to sleep. Again later trampling all over us then went off when he got up.  Then shee spent the rest of the morning in her basket asleep ! Typical. 
It's a good job he loves her!

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