Monday, 7 August 2017


Up and at em this morning off to podiatry, although not as early as Friday, that was a bit too early for both of us. Today the appointment was for 11.30 so was nicely doable for getting there and back and have time for our coffee before lunch. Great! 
It was mainly to redo the sealed dressing on the foot which seems to be doing its job very well ads everybody says that the wound is closing up nicely. Just a matter of keeping on going till it is done .
I wonder if our Jane has got up and going , she had been on nights the night before yesterday so was asleep most of yesterday but was off today also. depends how much sleep she got  after her nights and how tired she is.  She needs to get her hair cut really but can't get round to it somehow. 
Little Jessie woke her Daddy up fairly early and he went off to feed her, but  then left him alone. She was asleep in her basket when we went out this morning and was still there when we came back.  We were listening to the radio when we were going to Aintree, and there was a man on who said that he had a British Blue, and it caused havoc all night and slept all day. Sounds like par for the course. 
Our version, looks like butter wouldn't melt in her mouth. 

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