Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Rainy and Wet!

Horrible day today, very wet and rainy, so we didn't go out anywhere. I would hate to be on holiday in Angelsey in this weather, stuck in some grotty holiday let . Mind you in those days we never had enough money to stay anywhere nice, it would be a bit different 
not that the weather helps. 
Jane is just ringing up, having finished her shift and is on her way home, just gone into the shops to get something for her dinner! She's gone posh now she lives in Didsbury, it was always tea in our house.
Hope there is something on the television tonight, it is terrible at the moment. A huge amount of sport which is of no interest to us. Once the Wimbledon has finished that's it, it is generally the holiday season so they tend not to put anything decent on. You end up watching rubbish.
Little Jessie is tending to wake  her Daddy up very early, like half past five!  so he gets up to feed her and then she goes to sleep again. 

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