Tuesday, 29 August 2017

No it Isn't Bank Holiday!

Been thinking it was Monday all day today but of course it is Tuesday! Mainly because it was the Bank Holiday, so that puts you off. We had an appointment at two thirty at Podiatry Aintree today so that rules the day really. No morning coffee but straight to lunch, I had my usual yogurt and crisps and Vin had a sandwich and crisps. Nice and quick and simple. 
Then off to podiatry, got there well on time,but had to wait quite a while today. There were only two on duty today, with Jo off for the week. AQnnie did my foot today, and it appears to be doing well and improving all the time, so that's good. 
When we left little Jessie was full stretch in her basket in the front room and when we returned she was in exactly the same place. Nice life eh!  She had been outside this morning though, so she was probably tired.

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