Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Here we Are Again!

Back on the blog, couldn't wake myself up enough yesterday to get going , let alone do the blog. never mind, better late than never. 
 Something has made me incredibly sleepy, Vin thinks it is the antibiotics that I was given on Friday. Probably is too, just have to wait to get used to them. 
Friday went for the podiatry appointment at Aintree, and was ages waiting, mostly for the doctor to get round to see the foot. In the end they decided to put a dressing on that is called negative therapy, and consists of a vacuum pack dressing which goes on the wound, and is attached to a tube which goes up the leg and into a meter thingy which goes into the pocket and keeps going all day and night. It doesn't bother me at all, in fact I can't hear it.
Monday I had to return for a redressing and it is looking better even after a few days so the therapy must be working!.  We did manage a nice coffee out on Monday at the Costa in Aintree retail park, it was quite busy but there is always somewhere to be seated. We had skinny lattes each which were lovely but I think next time I will have a smaller one, the medium is a bit big nowadays.
The weather is really weird at the moment, no way of knowing what it is going to do. At the moment it is really overcast but hasn't rained..yet! Looks af it will though. 
Little Jessie seems to have got herself into a fair little routine in the mornings. She thinks it is fun to wake her Daddy up at around half past five in the morning, so he goes down and feeds her. Then you don't see much of her for the rest of the day because she is asleep in her basket in the front room all the time. I suppose it is nice and quiet in there and she is undisturbed. 
What a great life!!

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