Sunday, 31 October 2010

Happy Halloween...

Well it's all a bit of fun isn't it. The parish magazine this month pointed out that it wasn't right to celebrate it, but I think it is all harmless fun for the kids. I'm glad they don't take it to the extremes that the Americans do though, but i do love the way they decorate their houses and gardens for it. I remember seeing some remarkable pumpkins on front porches, absolutely enormous.

Pumpkin stand round the corner from where we were staying in the hotel. You come round the bend and there they are a blaze of colour.

Quite busy today but Sundays usually are..did the bedding this morning, then the pizza things and our crosswords after lunch. Not too tricky today, but one or two that needed looking up on the computer. I wonder how we managed without the net? i remember doing the Sunday Express crossword on a Sunday morning with my Dad, and we would have a pile of books, encyclopaedias etc.,We would mostly finish it but I would think it would have been a lot easier with a computer. I used to love doing that with my Dad, while my Mum would cook the Sunday dinner. Happy memories.
We don't seem to be being bothered with trick or treaters this year, at least not at the time of typing anyway.
Jane rang up at lunchtime, and she was in the middle of revising for her exams. She said the only way she can revise is to write everything down and keep on doing that until it goes in. Funny how different people have different methods, i used to learn parrot fashion till it went in. I had a room mate at college who just used to read a page and it would go in..hated her!
Tonight we are having:
Pizza with our tomato sauce, mushrooms pineapple and roasted vegetables.
Potato salad for me and celery fruit and nut for VT.

Friday, 29 October 2010

A Bit breezy..

Today it is a little bit breezy and the trees at the back of the house are blowing away like mad. This will probably have the effect of getting the last leaves off the ones at the front, which are now becoming quite see through. We went out this morning to take my money to Asda and the village green is looking really nice. All the little trees are a beautiful colour and they are at the lovely stage before they look bare. i just love the Autumn, it is so my favourite time of the year, I like being wrapped up and getting cosy in the house. We have had a few holidays in New England which is just perfect at this time of the year, pumpkins on every porch and decorated houses.

This is VT and me on the Highway which is mile after mile of glorious views.

I so want to be there...but it is a treat to see occasionally.
Asda this morning, and very busy, kids everywhere and Halloween things abound. Why is it all the chocolate comes out at Halloween? At least nobody bothers us here, since there are no little kids around much, I think it is more American based really.
Jane rang up just after lunch thrilled to bits because she has had her last medical report from the Pain Specialist consultant which is extremely favourable to her. he has done a four page report and Jane was really thrilled. Since this has been going on so long and she has seen five different consultants now for both sides it surely must bee getting to a close now. She has done everything they have asked her to do poior kid, and traipsed to different hospitals all over Manchester, I hope this is the end. She is counting on the money to help her through the radiology degree, so maybe it will settle now with a bit of luck.
Tonight we are having:
Fishless fingers
Chips..200 grms
mushy peas for VT and green beans for moi,
Tartare sauce.

Thursday, 28 October 2010

The Mundane things of Life

Are what makes the world go round i think. the everyday tasks that keep us healthy and comfortable in our lives. VT did some clearing out of the shed this morning while i did a pile of very mundane ironing. Mostly short sleeved shirts, which i think will be going away soon.He then took some stuff for disposal, and rang up from Homebase to tell me what he had bought for the fire. he is renovating that now, getting it ready for the colder weather.
I see the clocks go back this weekend so the nights will definitely be closing in on us, and we start to think of fires and winter stews etc., I love this time of the year actually, i would much rather be cold than too hot. I don't think life in Australia would suit me at all especially not with the spiders anyway.
Jane rang up after lunch to say she had just got the text about her rent money that I have put into her account for this montha. She sounded quite perky, and was revising her biology. i did human Biology at "O" level many many moons ago, but it is surprising how much comes back to you. She is worrying about her revision now, but I'm sure she will do ok.
Today started out really well, with some sunshine, and although it was cool, VT was pottering around the garden and being chased by little Rusty. She follows him everywhere, and if he takes the wheelie bin round to the front of the house, she will wait on the top of the steps till he comes back. it always amazes me how loyal cats are. She sits on him every night while he reads his book, and only jumps off when he goes to sleep. And in the morning, there she is again, waiting for him to get up and feed her. I get Bobby... trampling round my head and nuzzling my cheek with her whiskers which is most annoying but lovely at the same time. it has taken Bobby a long time to get to this stage, and she is now a really affectionate cat.
Just said on the radio that Clint eastwood has a 35yr old parrot and it is his best friend. he talks to it all the time and teaches it stuff. Well i wasn't expecting that..I don't feel so bad about talking to our cats now!
Tonight we are having:
Either garlic kievs or lemon and black pepper escalopes.
Little baked potatoes
Carrot mash
Bread sauce.

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Nice day today so...

We got up reasonably and took ourselves over to Ormskirk. Lovely journey, the trees are looking really nice now, still the gorgeous colours of Autumn and not yet leaving the branches too bare. Would be nice in the Lake District at the moment i think. I remember the days when we used to go up there for a day trip, the traffic nowadays would make that difficult though which is a shame. We used to go all over in our courting days, Wales, Yorkshire etc., and the traffic wasn't a problem then. Now it takes about forty minutes just to get through the Mersey Tunnel to the other side. The Cheshire Oaks is quite a trip these days. Maybe next week, when the kids are back. You certainly notice when they are off, Ormskirk was really busy, and it wasn't market day either.
Went to my usual haunts, and VT went to his then we met up for coffee. Trouble is, our little cafe has installed a new television on the wall, and it was blasting out Prime Ministers Question Time. Never realised just how strident david cameron's voice is, and it isn't really what you want to listen to when you are trying to have a nice cup of coffee.
Went from there to Holland and Barratt wherre there was one get one half price..BUT...VT clever little shoipper that he is noticed that it was the cheaper item that you got half price. So..if you buy two packs of fishless fingers and two pepperoni style sausages at 89p each you would get them half price. So he toddles off to buy the fishless fingers and I get the sausages later. more money that way. Do Holland and Barratt get the better of they don't.
Jane rang up last night. She had her Appraisal yesterday which she wasn't looking forward to. She was expecting to be put onto the next stage because of the time she has had off, but she argued her case and in the event was left on the same stage. So she was quite chuffed. VT was saying last night that she had been a good employee, even in all the snow in january she got herself in to work when dozens of others didn't bother. It's all in his diary..which he keeps every day.
I am really proud of Jane, she is a grafter, never been without a job and done all sorts of work. I hope this access course for the science is good, and she gets good grades, then she can go on to do her radiology. If the Theology wasn't 5right for her, then I think she will do well at this. Good for her anyway..
Tonight we are having:
Pasta with asparagus and mixed green vegetables.
Spinach and Ricotta sauce
A bit of parmesan and a bit of garlic bread.

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Grey and Dismal.

Horrible day today, not at all the sort of day you want to go out so we didn't. It is one of those drizzly days where you get really wet without realising it and you get soaked.So we cleared the kitchen out and did the floor, together with the bathroom and the front porch. of course as soon as the porch was done, the front ddoorbell rang and it was the postman. Typical. Three parcels today. one was an Andrex dog that Janes friend from Manchester had sent us. very cute too he is now sitting on the arm of the chair frightening the cats for a short while. At least, they both sniffed it, approached it very warily then decidid that it was no threat then left it alone! Clever little things.
Two parcels for me from QVC. One was a really nice diamond looking tennis bracelet, but unfortunately it is miles too big, and would fall off my wrist so has gone back. The other is a Butler and Wilson Poodle keyring for my brother and sister in law in Australia for Christmas. They have a poodle called Selwyn so should like that.
VT is revamping the fireplace ready for the winter. he has tarted up the gas poker, and has ordered a delivery of smokeless fuel to come next Wednesday. That is £17 a bag, but is our main source of heating in the winter so very necessary. We haven't had a coal delivery in years, we used to get a firm from Wigan who brought the proper cal, but we don't use that any more. It will be funny getting a delivery again.
Tonight we are having:
Baby potatoes sliced and fried,
Mixed vegetables
Mushrooms in sauce.

Monday, 25 October 2010

Monday..Half term week..

We don't notice half terms nowadays except for the kids being off and running round the shops.Beautiful day today too, but nippy. VT said there was some ice on a bowl in the garden this morning, probably would have been frosty but we don't get up that early!. In fact, we did wake up early this morning, don't know why, so VT got up and got us a cup of coffee, and we had a bit of a chat, and then dropped off again..Aah such is the luxury of the retired life!
When we got up ,made a list and went into crosby to Sainsburys.Car park was quiet but the shop was heaving as it always is. Needs a big expansion there..Mr Sainsbury take note!
I wanted to put some money into Jane's account today to help her out a bit, but when we were going I realised that I had forgotten her paying in book. Tried to ring her but think she was asleep so didn't get an answer. So she missed out today. She will have to be patient and wait.
She is off today and revising for her Chemistry exam next week..hope that goes ok.
Tonight we are having:
broccoli and tomato quiche
Mushrooms a potato croquette
rice pudding that we should have had on Saturday but didn't.

Sunday, 24 October 2010

Sunday Scraps...

VT stayed in today, he often goes out for a bit of a moch here and there but he decided to stop in for a change. Just as well. because he spotted our next door neighbour cutting his hedge with the electric shears. This is a conifer hedge, which is kept at a reasonable and manageable level with judicious pruning a few times a year. Since neither of the houses owns the shears which make the job so much easier, they have to be borrowed, often from the bloke in the end terrace house. He has left home however, so the neighbour has borrowed his brothers. So, we have now, a nicely trimmed hedge which will probably last for the winter now.
The year before last my husband bought me an orchid for my birthday in July. The flowers lasted for weeks and weeks and it was gorgeous. people on websites told me that with a bit of care it would flower again. must admit I was skeptical, but diring the last couple of weeks it has started to sprout a flower stem and this morning it has definite little buds on it. Since my birthday is in July it is a bit late but it is a minor little miracle really. Will be awaiting the flower to see what happens.
We settled down to do the crosswords after our lunch this afternoon, and VT did his in absolutely record time. They are general knowledge ones and are quite interesting, but his was done so quickly i had barely started mine. Then of course he starts to say.."Want any help with yours?" in a very annoying manner! Mine wasn't too bad, it was on the theme of Dylan Thomas and once you got those it was fine really.
Liattle Bobby has her momments. She jumps up on my knee and looks all appealing. i cuddle her of course, and stroke her as I normally do, then without warning she takes a great big nip at my arm! What a little minx! She is the only cat who does that, Rusty wouldn't dream of biting you, and never ever has done, but Bobby is a different kettle of fish altogether. You just an never quite trust her, yet she comes up on the bed in the morning and crawls all over me really affectionately. Anyway she is in my bad books at the moment.

She is now on the sofa beside VT and looks like butter wouldn't melt!
Definitely getting darker in the evening, it is a quarter past six now and getting quite dark. Wonder when the clocks go back? next weekend maybe?
Tonight we are having:
Pizza with our home made dough and tomato sauce,
Mushrooms pineapple sausage pepper and courgette.
Egg and potato salad, avocado pear and baby tomatoes.
Potato salad and pasta salad.

Friday, 22 October 2010

Just Noticed..

1,111 Posts !!! isn't that something! I started these when Gordon Brown became Prime Minister. He has well been and gone, and we have a new government with a new Prime Minister David Cameron, a change of party and a Coalition government too. I began this as a sort of diary to keep of our new Healthy Eating Plan we were following. That has been quite successfful actually, both of us have lost weight and kept it off, and we now have a totally different way of cooking our food. No fats and oils to speak of, and portion control of the carbohydrates. Weight seems to have levelled out for both of us, and we are doing fine really. I have lost a few more pounds during the last week with the procedure, but no doubt that will go back again.
VT went out to Waitrose this morning, to get a few weekend things, went with a list, and stuck to it. That is his type of shopping, if it isn't on the list then it generally doesn't get bought. I am very much the impulse buyer..a supermarket dream really! if I see something I like it gets bought. He was back in record time and it would have taken me a lot longer.
Jane rang up at lunchtime, she is doing a shadowing day at Salford Hospital, and was very enthusiastic about it all. She has been in a lot of different departments, CT Scanner, MRI, Ultrasound and X Ray. She now says she is confused about what she wants, whether to do Radiology or Radiotherapy..she has some decisions to make I think.
Complete change of weather today. Nice and sunny this morning, but it is now tipping down with rain.quite cold and miserable. Funny how our weather changes.
Tonight we are having:
Fishless fingers
Chips 200grms
Mushy peas for VT and a few carrots for me.
Tartare sauce.

Thursday, 21 October 2010


Appointment yesterday at the hospital for a Colonoscopy. Great fun...Not!! two days of low residue foods, followed by a severe laxative preparation for three days. Absolutely horrible, i would sooner give birth again than go through that. Hospital staff all very nice, but it is still hugely embarrassing and it's no wonder why people don't go with their bot problems! Apparently the result is diverticulitis , but God knows what I'm supposed to do about that. Shall have to resort to the old google to find out maybe. See the gp in about two weeks and and a follow up appointment in January.
Poor Saint VT has put up with a lot over the last week, he has the patience of Job that man. Backwards and forwards to the hospital, to say nothing of the upheaval in the house. What a gent!
One bright light in the horizon is that I have lost about four pounds this week. Like VT says, always look on the bright side of life!
Jane rang up today to say she was tired..she doesn't know the half of it! she is off to the Trafford hospital tomorrow to do a placement in the radiology department, she did one at Christies in Manchester the other day for Radiotherapy, and loved it so she seems at long last to have a career path lined up.
Tonight we are having:
not really sure..something light for moi at the moment.
Maybe something with rice then VT could have a chilli perhaps.
He had a Waitrose macaroni cheese last night and a vegetable lasagne the night before,We shall have to look through the freezer.

Monday, 18 October 2010

Shopping Light...

Went out to Waitrose this morning to get a few things for the week. Mainly for VT since for medical reasons and a test I am having on Wednesday, I have to have a low residue diet for two days. So we went to get some meals for VT for the nexct couple of evenings. Didn't buy our usual veggies which felt strange. I also have to drink a lot of fluid, this I am finding the hardest because I don't normally drink a lot of water. I have had two small bottles so far and fell like I'm drowning in liquid!!!!! Never mind eh..
Got VT a pasty, and vegetable lasagne and macaroni cheese, so there are a couple of meals to keep in. Funny thing was they didn't have any chicken breasts for the cats..wonder why? VT went over to M&S and got some there. Talk about spoilt brats!! They are worth it though.
Cold and now rainy today, the trees are blowing away at the back of the house. Poor Jane has to go for another medical appointment tonight. 6O'Clock at a hospital in Salford. She doesn't want to drive so is going by bus and tram. She had a twenty page document to fill in before she went too..all about her accident. She has been to so many of these appointments now I hope this one is the last for her.
Tonight we are having:
Well VT is having a vegetable pasty, and I am having maybe a bowl of rice..not sure yet.You can have steamed fish or chicken but since we are vegetarian that is difficult. Might have a bit of potato with some cheese and an egg.

Friday, 15 October 2010

Friday Again...

Once again a Friday has come round,so we decide where to go with my mney. Today we decided on ASDA which is a bit of a trek but is a good store to go round. Never buy any of their clothes..terrible quality, and didn't have a look at the books today either, resisted the urge to do that. i have a pile of books by my bed that need reading first!
I do have to say that you seem to get a lot for your money there, I spent just over forty pounds and that was with a trololey full of shopping, and two big jars of Gold Blend coffee for £7.Do wish they had a decent coffee shop though..theirs is dire really. Horrible plastic tables and even more horrible plastic cups. We now take our own little bag of flask and beakers and coffee..much better. We sit in the car park like a pair of old fogies with our cups of coffee!
Jane rang up last night and was really enthusiastic about her placement afternoon. She went to Christies,in Manchester. She was trying to make up her mind about radiology and radiotherapy, and this was a radiotherapy unit. She was very enthusiastic because you get to know the people more than with radology. jane is a definite people person, and has always been good with people so it seems that this is the right choice for her now. The course is done at Liverpool, so it will mean a bit of an upheaval, but I think she will sort that out.
Poor Rusty and Bobby. VT had sent a picture of them to the pet idol competition in the free paper, and they weren't in. he was annoyed a bout that.

Never mind here they are in all their glory..Our pretty little cats..

Tonight we are having:
Vegetable Pasty with gravy,
Rice Pudding

Thursday, 14 October 2010


Alarm clock this morning to get us up. I have a little alarm clock by my bed which VT set last night, and he gets an alarm call as well. I don't hear anything at all once my hearing aids come out that's me..dead to the world. I wonder what it must be like to hear sounds in the night, VT often says he hears the wheelie bins being carted away and thunder rumbling etc., I don't get any of that at all.
The reason for the early get up was we expected a delivery of my Aranesp which usually comes early in the morning. They ring up before they come, and when they did they said it would be between twelve and two. This was a bit of a pain since I had a hair appointment at the hairdressers at eleven in Formby. VT went over and asked the chemist if they would take it in for me so that was ok. In the end we were well back in time and it actually came at five past two. God knows what it does..I have all these medications, and it seems each time I go somewhere I get something new. Wish I knew what they all were. Could do with someone saying this is for this and this is for that etc.
Jane has just rung up to say that she has been on her placement day to Christies and is full of enthusiasm for Radiotherapy now. Good for her.
Tonight we are having:
Meatballs in tomato sauce
Spaghetti 4oz
Carrots and a few beeans.

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Signs of Spring?

No not really.. VT has cleared out the front garden and at the moment the barrel is empty. So we went to Dobbies this morning to get a few plants for a pot to give a bit of colour in the front. They have a good selection of winter flowering plants and bulbs. He says he is ok for bulbs since he has still got a lot from last year, but he wanted a bit of instant colour. We opted for a tray of Violas in a very pretty shade of purply blue.
I had a look round because they have now got all the Christmas things out, and I was on the lookout for some things to go into the Secret Santa parcel which this year is going to Madrid Spain. So, I obviously don't want things that are too heavy, but do want tasteful things. I did get a lovely little book about Christmas which should make interesting reading. Apart from our free coffees that is all we got today really.
Some good news on the television today, they have been rescuing the miners in Chile all day and night. They seem to be working at about one miner an hour,and are presently at about fifteen of them. Their families must be so relieved, and they look in remarkably good health too. The Chilean Government have done a wonderful job together with expert help from people around the world. Good news indeedd.
Tonight we are javing:
Cheese and onion Quiche,
Spaghetti hoops
A few little boiled potatoes.

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Cars Everywhere...

Last night VT was commenting about the number of cars around outside the house. The road seemed to be blocked with them, so we thought there was something going on at the hotel. Turns out there was a bad crash on the by-pass, and the roads were all blocked and the surrounding roads were gridlocked.Apparently the air ambulance was there as well so must have been a big one.
Did all the ironing this morning. I had an apointment for a blood test at twenty to one, and thought I had plenty of time. Turns out we left the house on the last minute,got there on time though. There was only one man waiting..I don't know why there is a three week waiting list for blood tests, they could do more than they do. Didn't wait long therefore and we were out quite quickly.
Then went to the garden centre. VT wanted to get some compost, mainly for the front garden. It is the green bin this week, so he usually tidies things up, and gets stuff ready for the bin. He cleared out the barrel last week and it is getting ready for the baby daffodils that he plants.It's a nice barrel actually, and is the focal point in the front garden which is small. The summer plants really took off this year, and ran away with themselves,Everything was overgrown this summer,must have been all the wet weather.
Tonight we are having:
Chicken style pie
Mashed potato 8oz
Carrot and broccoli
Mushroom sauce.

Monday, 11 October 2010

Monday Dawns Again..

And another week begins. We got up fairly late this morning, mainly because the bed was too comfortable and warm, and we hadn't been disturbed by the cats.I find when Bobby gets on me early mnorning that I can't really relax again, but they must have been tired last night because neither of them moved till VT got up to get the coffees.
We therefore only went into Crosby this morning because that is the nearest actually, and you get a free 1/2 parking which is just enough time to go round Sainsburys.
Horrible shop though, they are seriously in need of a bigger store in Crosby, you can barely get round some of the aisles and if someone is having a conversation you've had it. We got a good selection which will keep us going for the week, and a top up of drinks etc..the soft kind.
Really bright sunny day today, I needed to use my sunglasses today lovely afternoon too. VT is in the garden.He has titivated the front garden, mostly of leaves which are coming down from the trees with a vengeance now.
Jane rang up before to say she wasn't well. She was at the bus stop and has a tummy bug. The trouble was that she couldn't afford to take the day off sick or they will sack her, so she has been to the chemist, and has struggled in. Poor kid, she does struggle.
Tonight we are having:
Sliced fried potatoes with spray light,
Mixed vegetables with a bit of asparagus.

Sunday, 10 October 2010

10.10.10 Today!

It is supposed to be a lucky day today, hmmm, not sure about that. Maybe one of our cvrosswords will be a winner!
Nice day today and yesterday too, a real Autumn season. The leaves are dropping and the nights are getting shorter, it is now quite dark and it is only a quarter to seven. I do love the Autumn, it is definitely my favourite time of the year, I just wish we were in New England..maybe next year.

This is where I would like to a really good big four wheel drive car, overlooking the mountains and trees of New England.
VT went to Formby this morning, and said there were a lot of people on the pavement areas of the coffee shops. For a small place there are a lot of coffee shops, but I suppose there must be room for them and the custom..
Did all the bedding today, and VT pegged some of it out in the sun and the breeze. Looked nice on the line. Fortunately with two sets we don't have to worry too much about getting it dry since it does need a lot of ironing. I will save that treat for later on in the week.
Did the normal Sunday Crosswords this afternoon, and mostly they were OK, just had to check a couple on the computer later. VT is getting really good at the answers, and can almost finish the big MOS one on his own and with some help from his Encyclopaedia Brittanica machine. Mine was awkward till I got the main theme which was Greece then most of the others fell into place.
Last night we had:
Chinese..Spring Rolls
Stir fry ver and rice 1/2 a packet
Hoi sin and plum sauce.
Tonight we are having :
Our normal Pizza
Home made tomato sauce, mushrooms mozzarella, roasted vegetables and pineapple.
Egg and potato salad
Potato dsalad for moi and spinach and pasta salad for VT.

Friday, 8 October 2010

Gorgeous Day..

It is an absolutely lovely day, the trees are turning nicely now, and the sun was shining. It is beginning to be blowy now as I type this howver, but next doors have a line of washing out in their garden and it is blowing away beautifully. It does look nice a line of washing. I hope it doesn't rain before they take them in though.
This morning we went to Morrisons in Ormskirk, mainly because there are other shops to go to there as well. I had a look in my usual ones and VT went into his. He did get some candle bulbs though so accomplished something he wanted. They are being phased out, so getting a stock would be a good idea.
Must admit I was a bit disappointed in not getting anything myself today,just didn't see anything I fancied.
Went to M&S and got a bit of stuff there, they have got the Christmas Puddings in full display at the moment. Catch the early shopper I suppose.Haven't seen a lot of Halloween stuff around this year..I wonder if the stores just aren't bothering as much. It never was as big here as it is in America, they are huge there with Pumpkins etc., you see them on nearly every doorstep, and beautifully decorated.

Pumpkins everywhere!

No pumpkin tonight though!
Tonight we are having:
Fishless fingers,
Chips 200 grms
Mushy peas for VT and green beans for moi.
Tartare sauce.

Thursday, 7 October 2010

Beautiful Autumn Day...

The trees here are not quite up to the standard of the New England ones,, but they are beginning to turn the nice Autumnal colours. We went over to Aintree this morning and drove through Little Crosby where the leaves are beginning to fall now.
We went to the M&S for a bit of a look round, but actually didn't see anything I wanted.Wasn't very impressed with the sale either, and there wasn't any Christmas stuff out at all yet. Too early I suppose.
We got a few bits from the food hall, but was disappointed with the vegetarian foods. They really only had a couple of choices, none of which we fancied. VT got his maple syrup though so he was happy, but even that was hard to find.
Just one of those days.
VT has just come upstairs to show me the Orchid plant he bought me for my birthday last year./ He says there is a baby plant coming with a flower bud..Aaaah.
Tonight we are having:
Spinach and Ricotta canneloni
Tomato sauce
A bit of garlic bread
Green vegetables and asparagus.

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Change of Plan...

Well this morning we were going to go out for a look round, but it was quite dark when we awoke and I think that we didn't really want to move. Well I didn't. The trouble was, that I had one cat...Bobby crawling all over me from very early and who eventually settled on my pillow, purring in my ear..then the other one jumped up on the bed and settled on my hip, and sat there wobbling . So i dozed fitfully from then on which is a bit tiring.
Since we didn't actually have a purpose for going out, VT dfecided that he would go and search out some light bulbs. It seems that they are becoming ever more difficult to find. Everywhere is going over to low energy bulbs, which is fine, we have a lot of them, but they don't work on dimmer switches. We need to find a supplysomewhere there must be a store of them. Anyway he came back without them, so he wasn't successful.
Our Photobook came this morning with our pictures of our New England holiday in 2007. Some gorgeous pictures, all done on a maps background and presented in a book. Really pleasing. VT got it free except for the packaging, and I would certainly use them again.They would make a lovely gift idea for a special anniversary or birthday.
One of the problems of living here is that there aren't so many places to go. It's a shame there aren't more scenic places to visit, or the odd mall to wander round. We could do with a Florida Mall!
Tonight we are having:
Lamb grills or peppered beef steaks (Quorn)
Mashed potato
Carrots and beans and gravy.
Or maybe sausages.

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Bits and Bobs..

One of those days in which a lot of bitty things are done.Did a pile of ironing and got some summer stuff ready to go away till next year. Not that we actually wore a lot of summer gear this year, it was too wet and windy.
VT cleared out a shoe box that we keep in the front room. and I have chucked out some shoes that are too big now. I think my feet have shrunk somewhat. Somewhere a shoe box will get those.He also found a pair of good shoes that I had forgotten about too a nice pair of K Springers that are very comfortable. I tend to wear my Hotter shoes these days which I do love, not heels, I don't do high heels. God knows how some women walk on those heels these days. I think that some of the shoes at the moment are so ugly too.
VT was looking in the cupboard where we keep the tinned and dried goods and came across a pack of bread mix, so we decided to make a fruit loaf. When I went to look for the dried has a sell by date of September 2008.. Didn't think we had had it that long! Just shows we didn't use that. It probably would have been ok, but you just never know. So I found a pack of dried cranberries that were still nice and soft so put them in instead. It has made a nice looking loaf too.
VT is vacuuming the bedroom as I type this. One of the things about having dodgy eyesight is that you don't see dust! i don't know whether this is a good thing or a bad thing. He moved the bedside table away from the wall and there was a terrible shameful amount of dust...mostly cat hairs and fluff. We get an awful lot of cat hairs in the bedroom, Bobby's you can see because she is white, but Rusty is dark so you don't see hers. I just live in blissful ignorance.
Tonight we are having:
Cheesy garlic Kievs
Squashed potatoes,
Mixed vegetables with asparagus,
Hollandaise sauce and mushrooms.

Monday, 4 October 2010

Morning Chats..

Every morning VT brings us up a cup of coffee to start the day..with a cow biscuit. Sometimes we have a reasonable cup, sometimes a tiny cup, it depends on the time we wake up really. Nevertheless it is a welcome time of the day. We usually have a nice little chat about things. VT always has something to say..either about something he has read, or seen on the news or something we have been watching. I enjoy this time of the day, it is calm and relaxing and usually the cats are around so they make you feel wanted. Little Rusty plonks herself on his chest and just sits there sphinx like till he gets up for a shave.
Saturday and Sunday were quite normal, VT went out to get a few things, but Sunday dawned rainy so didn't go anywhere. He usually goes over to Maghull where they have a Farmers Market on the first Sunday of the month, but it was so manky yesterday he didn't bother. It is a Farmers Market that started out really well with quite a number of stalls, but one by one they have dropped out, and now there are only a few. I don't know why they keep it going really, it would be better in Formby or Crosby.
The crosswords done on Sunday weren't too bad with only a couple to look up on the computer.
We had been wondering why we haven't seen our next door neighbour recently, it turns out that he has been in Hospital with a kidney infection, so that explains why. We live in a block of terraced houses but it is surprising how you miss things going on. I have lived here nearly all my life, and the old days of people popping in and out of each others homes are long gone. People are a lot more private these days.
Went to Sainsburys this morning to get our veggies, and on the way back VT said shall we go and get our free coffees? So we made a bit of a detour, and went to the Ince garden centre. The trees there are a lovely Autumn colour and with the sun shinibng through them they looked lovely. Not as nice as these though

Saturday we had:
A Dine in for two meal from M&S
Mushroom Risotto..with a tiny bit of garlic bread and some asparagus,
Sunday we had:
pizza which is our normal
Salads with avocado and egg
Tonight we are having:
Broccoli and Tomato Quiche
The pudding we didn't have from Saturday and a spot of Alpro cream.

Friday, 1 October 2010

Hares and Rabbits..

Hares and rabbits again!! these months are flying by at a pace. The shops are already getting the Christmas things out, and we are getting Christmas catalogues through the door. It seems to come round earlier each year. I wonder when we will hear the first Christmas Carols. We got an invitation to a Christmas Event at Dobbies the other day.. entry is £1 which includes a ...guess...Mince Pie!!
It was a horrible morning actually, and we had decided to go over to Morrisons and Ormskirk. It was horrible really, dodging the showers, and quickly going from one shop to another. I got what I wanted though, but didn't have much time to look around because the time goes so quickly. We went up to M&S and got their Dine in for £10 meal deal, which is quite good. There was one veggie choice which was a Mushroom Risotto, and a side of potato which we will freeze, and an apricot tart that VT chose. It's a good deal actually, and must make them a mint, there were loads of people crowding in front of the display.
Bit late coming home because we then went to Morrisons, and it was tipping down. had a quick shop round and home in time for it to start clearing up. Typical.
Tonight we are having:
Vegetable pasties with gravy
Clotted cream rice puddings.