Thursday, 30 August 2012

Our cats.....

Thought I would do a bit about our two lovely cats. Our furry friends. Both of them are rescue cats. Rusty and Robyn (Bobby). We got them from the Freshfields Animal Rescue centre in Ince Blundell.Had them a long time now, and they are both much loved members of our household. Quite different in characters and what they do. Rusty is a dark tortoiseshell and Bobby is mostly white with tabby/ blackish patches. Rusty actually chose us at the rescue centre. We were having a look at some cats, and she was running up and down the passageway and wouldn't leave us alone. Such a sweet little thing so that made up our minds. The lad who was looking after them was a bit reluctant to let her come out because she had cat flu, but actually as soon as we brought her home she got better. She currently has a thyroid problem that means her having a little tablet every twelve hours which Vin gives her, and she often spits it out, so he has to be vigilant. She is little, never been a big cat, and is extremely agile her jumping is so stylish she seems to glide silently in front of you.
Just lately she has taken to jumping on my knee when I sit on the sofa, sits there for a while and then goes into her basket. We say she is recharging her batteries!. She also follows us up to bed every night without fail, and sits in between us being stroked until we go to sleep. Really loyal little thing she is. Bobby is totally different. She has taken years to trust us,and you still have to be a little bit careful when tickling her tummy or she will turn on you and give you a bit of a nip. She is a big girl. About twice the size of Rusty, and not as agile by any means. Sleeps a lot more than Rusty too, but is very loving in her own way. She will come and find you, and have a cuddle, and you fell very honoured then. Bobby is a real sun baby, and will go out in the sunshine and sit for hours there. Sits on a seat, or on top of their hut soaking up the rays.
Bobby on the left. The two of them have never really been close even though they have lived here for years, and wouldn't sleep together in a basket, but have been known to sleep on a bed quite near. So...those are our babies! Haven't done much again today. Vin has been sorting out some paperwk that has not arrived at its destination, ready for posting on Mondday. Tonight we are having: crispy fillets quorn ones vegetable gratin.

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