Friday, 31 August 2012

In which Vin has his Car Done!

Big day today. It was the day of his MOT test. Jane had hers done the other day, (Wednesday) and hers needed a bit of work done £320 worth!! Thankyou bank of Mum and Dad! Vin got up earlyish this morning because it was booked in for around ten. So he left about half nine, and took it so he could get the bus back. There is a little bus that runs from Crosby to our village, and it runs every hour, so he wanted to make sure he got it. Used his bus pass too so a free journey! They rang up at about eleven thirty to say it had passed, so he could get the twelve o'clock bus bck. Worked out very well actually. There were a couple of advisories but nothing too much.I think he is quite chuffed really. it hasn't done many miles since the last MOT though,at least we haven't been very far recently. mostly stop start shopping visits or hospital appointments. I rang the appointment number thismorning to check on the eye clinic appt., and that is now the 4th October. While i was n the phone I asked about the appt for the Colo clinic and that apparetly is the 28th september! And that was supposed to be an URGENT appt!!! Haha good grief.I said I hadn't had any letters and she said that the eye clinic one was sent out on the 14th august and usually takes about two and a half weeks!! I wonder just how long you have to wait for a non urgent appt??? Odd day today, bright to start with, but as I type this it is pouring down. Forecast for a nice weekend though. Tonight we are having: Pasties from Waitrose baked tomato Rice pudding from Waitrose.

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