Monday, 27 August 2012

August bank Holiday...Typical!!

Yes..sitting here typing away. It's blowing a gale outside, dripping with rain, I've got a heater on..yep typical bank holiday weather. It's a sort of can't be bothered doing anything much today, so we didn't. Vin decided to stop in and do his paperwork, he had some finances to sort out and I fiddled about on the computer. no word from our lovely daughter yet, and it's her birthday today. She is the ripe old age of 29 today. can't believe where the time has gone..all thse years! She has largely been a good kid, apart from around thirteen when the hormones kicked in and she was the stroppiest kid on the planet. thankfully she has grown out of that, and is a hard working smart daughter now. love you Loads Jane XXXX She wants money things for her birthday, like her car insurance, and other bits towards her car. we have also topped up her ASDA student card so she has a bit more money on that to work with. It's a really good scheme that is, you buy the student card, you have one and the student has the other. You can top it up either at any ASDA store or online which we did today. Excellent idea, wonder why Tesco don't do it. It's a huge market they are missing out n there. listening to Elton John on Radio Two who is playing his favourite records and a very good choice too. A really good mixture, he does have quite good taste actually. Watched some terrible rubbish on the box last night. Some zany detective programme that had got good reviews but was really stupid..sort of funny but not worth watching the second half tonight. Then a drama on BBC2 called ..forgotten..never mind...that too was highly rated but absolute rubbish. We watched about twenty mins of that and then gave up. At least there is a new series of New Tricks tonight which are always good. Like those, and we have rrecorded the Inspector George gently for another night when there is nothing on much. God bless the recorder. I wonder if i will hear about an appointment next week? If not then I'm going to have to do some more phoning's long enough now..patience is wearing thin. Tonight we are having:Last nights Pizza with extra mushroom and cheese potato and egg salad with avocado..hope it's better than last night's which was very soft and black Potato salad for moi and a rice salad for Vin

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