Friday, 17 August 2012

Blood Letting...

Start the day with a bit of blood taking today. had to go to the surgery to get a blood sample taken as requested by the Dr from the Renal clinic. At least that will keep him happy! Avoidid the spiral stairs..I hate spiral stairs wonder why people have them installed.At least they have some back stairs to use though. Came back from there and Vin went off to Waitrose to get the stuff on his list for the weekend. he reckons he was in there 18minutes! No browsing there then. he has his list and that's it. Got everything on it though.18 minutes and he still spent £31 !! tis an expensive shop though. You get a lot more for your money from Morrisons or ASDA, Rib still sore, must have banged it the other night when I went for a burton in the bathroom. Should take more water with it next time!! Weekend approaching and don't really feel that I'm getting very far. still got the problem that I went to the GP with at the very beginning of June, and no sign of it being settled yet.Still more patience Jennifer! Vin got a little parcel in the post today. tiny little lavender plants that he had sent off for. Amazing how strong the scent of lavender was coming off them. They are little plug plants that he is going to pot onm. I like lavenders in the garden, they attract the bees and they are good and hardy too. Watched a Peter Kay programme last night. he is so clever. Wonder how he remembers everything. Trouble was the laughing made my ribs ache. LOVELY MANCHESTER AUDIENCE REALLY GETTING INTO IT WITH HIM. hE'S VERY POPULAR IN mANCHESTER BECAUSE HE'S A bOLTON LAD AND HE'S TRUE TO HIS ROOTS TOO, UNLIKE SOME SO CALLED NORTHERNERS WHO DRIFT OFF DOWN SOUTH. just noticed that the last part is in capitals. can't be bothered to retype it so leaving it. Tonight we are having: cheese and onion pasties from waitrose. Rice pudding from Waitrose. Yummy

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