Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Scam calls!!!

We seem to be getting an awful lot of these lately. The phone rings..just as you are about to put your lunchtime sandwich to your lips. vin goes to answer it.. hello my name is an Indian voice. Are you aware that you are owed some money? Vin says..what is the name of your company? can't tell you that says Samantha. How much money am I owed..Can't tell you that..Samantha..Who owes me the money? can't tell you that..and so it goes on. Rings up when she gets the idea that she isn't getting anywhere. Vin checks on line. It's a well known scam where you are supposed to send money for an administration fee and insurance. What I don't understand is that they can't take the money out of the money that you are owed!!! mugs wanted!!Well they won't catch Vinny out!! Did a load of ironing this morning, while vin did some vacuuming using the new cat and dog vacuum. Can't believe how much cat hair it picked up, filled a bag full! And that was just downstairs, and jane's room where Bobby sleeps.
Stop shedding hair Bobby!!It's what you get with a white haired cat I suppose. She is lovely though. Wouldn't be without her for the world. Still no notice from the clinic, but I do have an MRI tomorrow so maybe..just have to say it's all getting me down now a bit.I've been holed up since the beginning of june except for the odd hospital appointment. patience is wearing a bit thin now... Tonight we are having: Penne with a cheese sauce, done like a macaroni cheese. garlic bread for Vin.

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