Thursday, 23 August 2012

Another test Done!

Went for an MRI scan today, this afternoon at Quite interesting actually. At least it didn't involve drinking gallons of moviprep haHa.. Got there via the back door, which was nearer, andbooked in, given a form to fill in and sent for in about ten minutes. Changed into the ubiquitous hospital gown then waited in an area which gave noises like a very noisy dentists waiting room! Went in after a while and had a port put into my arm for an injection apparently. Poor nurse had three goes and couldn't get it into a vein, so went off and got the Radiographer. Wonder if jane realises that she is going to have to do injections?? She got it straight away, then went into the main MRI area. On bed, deaf as a post because I had to take my hearing aids out, and had headphones pout on. guard over my middle then slid into the big machine. Siemens actually. Different noises, and a bit of vibrating few more noises the removed and an injection in a bit more, and another injection. Quite time consuming really, different levels then another injection and back in again. Quite complicated. Then all finished, suppose it was about 20 minutes out and had the port removed,changed again and then left for home. £3.50 car parking. So that is the tale of our wedding anniversary.38 years today..Doesn't time fly! My lovely husband did the driving and waited around while I had the test done. What a Star I married..god Bless Him XXXXX love you for ever VinXXX Tonight we are having: Escalope maybe Mushroom sauce little sauteed potatoes Mixed vegetables/

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