Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Time to Change!

Catastrophe this morning! i have a very favourite watch that I wear every day, and have done for years. the patent leather strap has been looking dodgy for quite a while now, and this morning when I went to put it on it completely fel apart. Vin did a bit of supergluing..he's very good at fixing things.. and said he would look for a new strap for me in Formby. he was going to Formby to get the things for the week, so he said he woulod have a look in the shops. One he went in had straps for £39 reduced to £20 !!!!! the watch didn't cost that much! so he went to a little jewellery shop further on. He got one there which is really good. not a patent leather one but a textured black one, so we are back in business. he did a bit of fiddling with the strap, got the holes in the right position and hey presto, a refurbished watch. He got a lot of stuff this morning.As always everything on his list, and a few offers besides. Some frozen things to stock up the freezer a bit, and a good selection of fresh veggies. Funny how the stores vary with regard to fresh veg. Some are better than others. never found tesco too good, and it's difficult to find where they are at times. Waitrose is excellent, but you do pay for the shopping there. Sainsburys is pretty good and well stocked, and I do like Morrisons , really miss the one that used to be in Formby that became Waitrose. Turned out nice again...where have I heard that before/ could it be George Formby! lovely and sunny now with a few spots of rain at lunchtime. vin posted Jane's birthday card off this afternoon, she is 29 on Monday. Can't believe where the time has gone. Our wedding Anniversary on thursday..38 years..and we are celebrating it with an MRI scan!!!!! Ah Well!! Tonight we are having: Chicken stye kievs little boiled potatoes squashed Mixed veggies.

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