Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Is it Monday???

Funny thing today. All day I have thought it was Monday, don't quite know why very strange. So that is the end of the Bank Holidays until Christmas now. Vin says there are signs of Christmas things appearing in the shops already , the Halloween things have been out for a while already! must be awful working in a shop. he has just come in from outside in the garden. he went out to brush Bobby who is leaving copious amounts of white fur patches on the carpets, but he came in to say it was too cold..not blowy cold but draughty cold, so he is sorting out his car stuff ready for his MOT. he took my money off to Sainsburys this morning in crosby because he wanted to go to some other places as well. Came back with a good load of things that we needed for the week, mostly veggies. If it's on the list he gets it!! I stopped in and did some ironing, waiting for a letter again, it's all been long enough now ...think I'll ring up again tomorrow if nothing comes. feel like a prisoner now!! Patience jennifer.. Tonight we are having: Escalope with mushroom sauce baby potatoes Mixed veggies.

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