Friday, 20 June 2014

A Very Odd Day....

Well it started off as a normal sort of day. With it being Friday it was go somewhere for the shopping for the weekend, and we had some coupons for Tesco so we decided to go there.  It was a reasonably quick mooch round there, and we got all of the things we wanted plus some extras, and were home again for an extremely pleasant coffee in the garden, I had a Petit Dejuner and Vin had a Colombian. Lovely sunshine and the birds tweeting.
We had noticed that little Rusty had been a bit down and off colour today but just put it down to her having an off day. She didn't want her creme fraiche at lunchtime, and had gone off her food too. Plus after lunch she was going to the litter tray too much, and beginning to wee around a she couldn't help it.
So, Vin rang the Vets and got an appointment for ten past five, not bad eh! better than the doctors! he got his new car ready, with the seats back and off we went to the Vets. It was her favourite one Tim, who examined her all ver, listened to what Vin had said, felt her bladder, and she obliged by doing a wee on their table!! he said that he couldn't feel anything on her bladder which is good and most likely it was a case of cystitis. he gave her an antibiotic injection and a reduced dose of anti inflammatory and £45 lighter we were on our way home.
Nice coffee outside in the garden again, and a late tea for us today.
All in all a bit of variety today.
Tonight we had:
Baked potato with cheese and mushrooms
Vin had a small tin of chilli beans in sauce with his too.

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