Monday, 9 June 2014

Twas A Monday Morning...

Had a delivery of some new laundry eggs this weekend, two. one for coloured and one for whites. So have kept the coloured one and are sending Jane the one for white uniforms so that should help , she won't need t buy laundry tabs so often.
We had to do the bedding on Saturday, so that was suitting on the chair waiting to be ironed.
Since it was raining this morning which meant we coudn't go out his car not having a reliable windscreen wiper, we stopped in and did bits and bobs.
Started with the ironing while Vin washed his car in the drizzle. He said it wasn't stupid because the rain softens the gunge on the top. fair enough.
Nice cheap coffees today. Vin had a kenco and I had a Kenco Crema, very nice.
Vin got Jane a little parcel ready this morning too, the laundry egg,a packet of washing machine cleaning powder. some little diamonique earrings and a bag of Maltesers.  A bit of a treat to keep her going.
Little Rusty has had a makeover. Vin bought her a new pink collaar, very pretty with little cat faces on it, and a new cat basket with pink background and paw prints n it. Gorgeous.
Tonight were having :
Pizza with mushrooms and cheese
Green salad with avocado and baby plum tomatoes
Potato salad and Rice salad for Vin.

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