Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Day In !!

No appointments today so we stopped in. Vin was trying to get the motor going from the windscreen wipers but to no avail, and he has now decided to bite the bullet and try recycling it..or get it to a scrap dealers. Shame, but he has come to the conclusion that nobody buys old cars, and by any standards this is an old car being twenty years old. So he has emptied it out and now is ringing round.
I did a pile of ironing this morning then got on the computer and started a letter to John and Ann, which is long overdue.
 Last night a filling came out of my tooth, so on the way to get the papers Vin called in at the dentists to see if they had an appointment..apparently I had just missed a cancellation and the next ne is for Monday!!!! so I now have a hole with a jagged edge that I have to put up with till Monday!!!
A bit of news on the car front..Vin has just come up to say that he has a man coming to look at it shortly so fingers crossed for him.
So, not a huge amount done today..Jane has just rung up to say she was on her way home from Uni, she had been doing some work there in her group. Some of the ones in the group are time wasters by the sound of it..glad Jane isn't one of them. One thing about our Jane she is a real grafter and a very hard worker. Good for her.
She still loves her little new car, and bought a load of car cleaning things in Tesco yesterday. car wax shampoo sponge, all sorts at reduced prices, so has decided that "Rory" needs a wash so she was going home to do that. Aaaah!
Tonight we are having:
Escalope with cheese and broccoli
Baby Jersey royals except they aren't very baby now!
Mixed vegetables,
Sauce maybe a hollandaise.

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