Monday, 30 June 2014

Hello Again Blog!...

been away for a few days, since Wednesday. had a bit of a medical problem on wednesday which ended up in the A&E in Aintree. Waited 4hours to eventually be called in then they admitted me to the ward one where they look after you. Vin stayed with me most of that time, only going home when it got dark and late bless him. Then i was taken at three o'clock in the morning up to ward three where i stopped until Sunday afternoon.  Excellent care and attention and the problem looks like it was sorted with a follow up appointment in outpatients clinic in two-four months time to discuss what they can do further.Had X-rays and later a CT scan which was interesting. The radiography girls were lovely, but can't be said for the revolting aniseed drink that you have to have before you go for the scan. Ah well. i was telling Jane I think they should make them drink that so they know what it is like!!
Today we have had a "quiet" day sort of. It has been a day of parcels. returned one Quacker factory cardigan which is on the small side unusually. One Lulu Guinness handbag very reluctantly I might add because it is really too big for me. The doorbell went and it was the hermes courier who Vin knows by name now! with two parcels for neighbours.He says at this rte he will be going to their Christmas party!
Vin went off to Tescos this morning to get a few bits and bobs and came back with a camera.! it is a Samsung WB 150 which was on the reduced section. Reduced from £65 to 45 and then to £30!!so i told him to go back to get it before it went, so he did. it's a lovely camera, big zoom lens and a really good screen. Got very good reviews on the Argos site where it is £60 so it was a bargain. he does love a bargain!!
Tonight we are having:
Pizza Vin is having one from M&S and greek salads
I am having a small piece of my gluten free pizza from Tescos.

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