Monday, 16 June 2014

There Are Some Days When....

Everything goes right. After a somewhat disturbed night,  it was not a really early start for us, but we got out at about 11ish. The idea was to go over to Aintree where I was well overdue for a blood test, and then on to M&S to get a bit of shopping..veggies and such like. Well we got to Aintree in the new car, Vin drove it on the  Motorway for the first time, and parked outside the front for a few minutes while I went up to the floor. Got up there while Vin went to park and my heart sank! the waiting room was absolutely heaving people everywhere, and queues at the admission desk. Went round the corner to where they take the bloods expecting a massive queue and there wass only one person waiting !!!! Not what I was excpecting at all!! So i barely sat down and the beeper went for me to go in. great... Done by a girl called Jennifer.. so when I left I said "Goodbye jennifer " and she said "Goodbye jennifer" Vin was waiting outside and he went to get the car while i sat in the sun.
Off we went to M&S..parking space right outside! again..he toddled off to Halfords to look at car mats and I started to look round M&S. had a look at handbags..awful..not what I want at all..had a look at jewellery and fond a dinky little ring to keep my wedding ring on so pleased with that. Then up for One free one and one to be paid for. I had an Americano and Vin had a flat white. Nice table..wasn't overcrowded at all, and a good sit down and chat.
he went off to look at men's things and I had a look at Leighton Denny nail varnishes..always on the lookout for a new colour and found a nice one..bronzed babe!! Where do they get the names from.
Down to the food hall for our veggies. Got some lovely flowers two bunches for a fiver.. aqnd lots of treat things too. All in all a very successful shop.
Home very smoothly with the air con on to a little cat waiting for us in the hall! bless.
Tonight we are having:
Pizza with mushrooms and extra cheese
Potato salad for Moi and rice salad for Vin
green salad with avocado and baby plum tomatoes.

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