Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Little Classy outing!!

Today we tok Vin's new car off to Formby to Waitrose, for the weekly veggie shopping. It5 hasn't been there yet so it was another first. We used the Sat-Nav on the way so he could show me how it worked, and it is a bit off putting, with a bossy lady voice telling you where to go. Anyway when we got to Formby we couldn't have gone the way it told us to go because there was a diversion!!
He went to Tesco first because we had to take sme avocados back forst , the one I used last night was very bad and they are £1.75 a pack  and he got the money back on them. Then took the car for its first car wash. Came out sparkling and lovely.
Off to Waitrose..got all of our veggies a nice selection of bits and bobs, plus a really nice free coffee latte in the coffee part. Free paper so it wasn't a bad trip.  Home the long way round because of the diversion and little Rusty meeting us as we arrived. Aaaah!
One delivery today, some L.E.D. outdoor lights from QVC which were only ordered on Sunday. That was quick.
Tonight we are having:
Southern fried escalope
Bread sauce
Carrots and broccoli
baby potatoes squashed.

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