Monday, 2 June 2014

Sods Law !!

Well the best laid plans etc.,
Awoke early by a miaowing cat beside Vin's ear looking for food at half past five this morning. That seemed to wake both of us...I usually sleep through it, but didn't this morning.
Went bck to sleep after he had gone down to feed her and then slept in a bit. Had an appointment at the eye clinic this morning in Aintree hospital, so had decided to get my blood test done at the same time. Got my slap on..all dressed up, nails done last night etc., etc., and very early lunch for us, gobbled down because we were running out of time. Supposed to leave the house at about a quarter past twelve and were a bit later. Vin said just as we were leaving that it was starting to rain, got on our way and to Ince  and the Heavens opened. Then....
The windscreen wipers on his car went. dead as a Dodo! nothing! So he kept pulling over to wipe the windscreen and the rain kept on. Eventually we had to make the decision to phone them and explain and cancel the appointment. Wonder how often they have heard that given as an excuse!!  Was given another one for the 7th july at Litherland, so that was good.

Had to come home and we had a nice cup of coffee instead!  Vin now has the problem of what to do. Funny thing was, when he went out to move the car...Yep! the wipers worked!1 Isn't that typical. So..does he replace the motor unit or does he buy a newish car? he will decide.
Jane is looking at a new car too. She has her eye on a citroen C1 which is a supermini..and has 9.200 miles on the clock. Up at £5.445 i think it is. this is a reputable garage so she wouldn't have the problems that she had at the other one. This is covered by warranty etc., so a better deal. Nice bright red colour too. Hopefully that would give her a few years of trouble free motoring.
I did some more clearing out this afternoon. Cleared my chest of drawers of T-shirts that are too big. breaks my heart actually because they are lovely ones I bought in America, but they are miles too big so can't use them. off to a Charity shop.
Tonight we are having:
pizza with mushrooms and pepper for Vin
green salad with baby plum tomatoes and avocado
potato salad for moi and a celery salad for Vin.

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