Thursday, 5 June 2014

Proud owner!!

Vin is now the proud owner of a new car!
First off this morning was a visit to the podiatry clinic at Thornton for me at 10 past10. So, we were up quite early and still left the house only just nhj time! Went in straight away didn't have to wait at all, I wish all of my clinic appointments were that easy. She was lovely and cut all of my toenails and dressed a toe that she said had a bit of an infection. Go back next week on friday to get it checked.
The plan was to then go to crosby Park garage to have a look at Nissan cars, mainly Micras which Vin wanted to downsize to However, he had seen a couple of nice Nissan Note caars yesterday when he went to have a look for some possible contenders. The first car he showed me when we got there was a Note which is called "Cafe Latte" rather appropriate for us actually :) !.  It is beautiful..a really lovely car, only done 13.000 miles and is like new inside.  He took it for a test drive with the bloke inside, and decided to buy it. So, in the event we didn't look at any others! Everything about it is great, the seats fold down , four door, super radioand CD Air Conditioning too which is a bonus, he is thrilled with it. if you were looking for a used car, it is the sort of car you would go ffor. So in he goes to negotialtte a price, and eventually got it down by £400 which was good and he signed on the dotted line.
A good morning's work all round. he has sorted his money out now all I have to do is sort out Jane's money too and we have two new cars in the family this week. Janes is bright red and has done 6.100 miles and her Dads has done just double that, so we have done well this week. She is picking hers up on Wednesday and we are picking ours up on Thursday.
Home to a Cafe Latte...What else could we have!!!
Tonight we are having:
Something out of the freezer
mixed vegetables,
New potatoes peeled and squashed,
Gravy with some mushrooms.

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