Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Big Day For Jane...

Well it is a big day for her today. It is the day that she went to collect her new car. A beautiful bright scarlet red Citroen C1.. She rang us up on her way there excited..and rang us up when she got there to enquire about some insurance they were trying to sell her which she didn't need, then rang us up after she had got it and sitting on their car park playing with the bits and bobbs that all worked.
She said the bloke was showing her everything and turned the radio on, and she said Oh it works!!  The last car she called Skippy because it was, and this car she is calling Rory. She rang us up again and said "I love it..I love it" obviously thrilled to bits. So..we have a happy bunny daughter.
Vin spent the morning ringing up about his car too..he contacted some metal dealer in Bootle who said that the car he has are often bought by Nigerians to ship overr there, where they fix them up. I don't think Vin cares who buys it as long as somebody does.  He went over the road to a country lane to take some pics of it which look quite good actually, and he is going to put it on Gumtree now.
So a very big day for the family today.
Tonight we are having:
Escalope with gruyere cheese
Potato croquettes
Mixed vegetables carrots broccoli and cauli
hollandaise sauce.

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