Tuesday, 3 June 2014

The Ungrumping of the Family.....

Well a funny day today! Started off with Vin ringing up the Toyota garage for ordering a new windscreen wiper motor assembly. Only to find that they no longer stock them! So that has put the mockers on that idea. it is either find one in a scrapyard or a new car! Decisions!¬
So off we went to tesco for our veggies for the week. had a good moch round there and got everything that we needed well more than we needed actually but that was ok. I decided that we would go for a Costa the idea was to perk Vin up after his disappointment of his car. It did the trick, he had a nice Soy Latte and I had a tasty Americano, and we shared a little bag of shortbreads half of which we will have another day.
Jane rang up not long after we got home to say that she had been for a test drive in the car she had been looking at. A citroen C1 which is one of the Supermini cars. beautiful bright red and only done 8,100 miles or thereabouts. It is in a Citroen dealership and has a year's M.O.T. car tax which is only £20  Air cion, CD radio etc., She liked it, and was telling us about it when we were looking at it online. vin noticed that the price had gone down, Jane said it was dearer yesterday!! so that was a bonus. She rang them to ask and it turns out that they had reduced it more.. so that was good. Extra good actually. Plus they would give her £150 for her rust bucket! She said the man looked at it and laughed!
She was on her way to the University for an interview,so I said go0 for it..and transferred the £250 deposit into0 her bank. Isn't online banking easy!! I now have a very thrilled daughter with a nearly new car which she is going to pick up on Wednesday. She will be excited. I had some money in The coventry building Society that I was earmarking for when she graduated but she can have that now instead. So there is around £4,600 to pay and she will hopefully have really good motoring for a good few years.  Well done Jane..that's for working hard.
Now we don't know what Vin is going to do..he has to be sorted out yet.
Tonight we are having:
Escalope with gruyere cheese
new Jersey Royals before they finish,
mixed vegetables
hollandaise sauce.

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