Friday, 6 June 2014

Friday Again..

they come round with monotonous regularity these Fridays!  I had a plan yesterday to try and get Vin to Formby to the barbers, and also to get our weekend things at Waitrose.
grumpy looks from him when I suggested that, but we went anyway. I thought he would get his hair done before the shops but in the event we did it the other way round.
Got all of our stuff in said shop, then had a lovely free Latte from there it's a good ffer that one. Plus a free paper too..he got a Telegraph today! He bumped into one of his past colleagues from work today too which is a co-incidencebecause they live quite a way away and don't go there very often.
Funny thing when we parked his car we noticed a car the same as the one Jane has bought right in front of us, so we squeezed past and had a look. It looks great, lovely style and a terrific colour, a really nice bright red..very sporty looking. She will be thrilled with that I think.
Out of the car park and off home but there was a queue to get out so I said why not go to the barbers and see if they are busy. Big glare! so he with some annoyance pulls left and goes to the little parking bay behind the barbers. Leaves me with the radio on and gets out of the car giving me a terrible look on the way. "See you in an hour" he says!
Well about fifteen minutes later he arrives back with a nice short hair cut and looking so much tidier. Takes years off him getting a good cut.
Home for lunch.
D-Day Anniversary today, so it's all over the news and papers today. There is a picture of a beach covered in little Union jacks with the words Thankyou on them..very moving.

Tonight we are having:
Cheese and onion pasties from Waitrose
green beans for moi and mushrooms for Vin
Rice pudding from Waitrose.

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