Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Gorgeous Day!!

Really hot and sunny todaya beautiful Summer's day actually.
We needed to go out to get our things for the week today, and also to get some photos printed off to send in my letter to John and Ann. So off we went to Crosby to Sainsbury's. We had a voucher for £2.50 off £15 anyway so that decided us in any case. Not a bad offer that, no doubt that the vouchers/coupons draw us ito the stores!!
Loads of parking available quite why I have no idea, and you do get 1/2 an hour free parking. So the plan was to go and get the photos done, and then whizz round the store. Which we did and all in the 1/2 hour which was good. Got the photos done very quickly, and they turned out beautifully, so when the printer is cleaned and printing again they can be sent off.
Home in time for our coffees outside on the patio. if we go out tomorrow we will get a Costa in maghull.
Tonight we are having:
Quorn cottage pie with gravy
Carrots and green beans or broccoli.

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