Monday, 28 July 2014


Vin goes off to get a Christmas rose plant!! In the middle of july. Nice plant he came back with though, he got it from over the road at the Ladygreen nurseries. 
We got up this morning quite late, mainly because we didn't actually plan to go anywhere, and didn't need anything, so no rush. We don't tend to go out as much while the kids are off on holiday anyway, so it doesn't matter. We will go somewhere tomorrow because vin wants to get a new showerhead and hose from Homebase, and they have %10 off on a tuesday.
Saturday evening the annual tennis Club musical evening was on the plot of land at the back of our house. it belongs to the dentist who is two doors down from us, and is landlocked so is mostly a garden. Every year they have a "do" there, with different music. One year it was a very good jazz band with a really good girl singer. This year it was a bloke singing sea shanties, got a bit much after a while really. Plus every year mostly without fail it rains!! looked  like  it was going to be lovely and sunny, but saturday it was quite cool, and then in the evening just after they got started to pour down, really pour. What a shame.
Tonight we are having:
Pizza with cheese and mushrooms
Green salad with mint and oregano dressing.

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