Friday, 11 July 2014

You wait Ages...

For one delivery then two come along at once. We had t wait in for the P.O. this morning before we could go out. Then at about eleven ish the bell went and Vin went to answer it, coming back with not one but two parcels! I didn't tell him about the other one!! Two very nice T-shiorts, one a pink/red Bob mackie one and the other a lovely white Quacker factory one..both from the clearance sections. Very leased with both of them.
Then off we went to Tescos for the weekend things, a bit later but it didn't matter. nice warm day so the air con in Vins new car was welcome.  Had a god look round T's and got all of our things plus Vin got a couple of gardening tools he had his eye on. that took us over the fifty pounds mark so we got the seven pounds off the shopping which was good.
His hanging baskets look good this year..
Can't find the ones he downloaded today so put this one on instead.Actually the ones done this year a really lovely but they seem to be hiding somewhere n the puter. Come out come out wherever you are ! !
Tonight we are having:
Sausage rolls linda McCartney
Chips 200 grms
green beans for moi and something tomatoey pasta hoops?
We miss you weeks on monday XXXXX

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