Wednesday, 9 July 2014

I Got One!!

Up earl;yish this morning because we had planned to go to the Cheshire Oaks outlet place in Ellesmere Port.  It is the first time that Vin has used his car for a good journey rather than just local, and we were there around ten thirty. Started off by the Clarks shoes and he went in there while I went into next. Don't know why I bother going in there never get anything and the quality is terrible these days. Then we went over to ht other side and hjad a look at the L'occitane shop. bought some liquid soap refills and some hand soaps, and because we had spent over thirty five pounds Vin got a mans shower gel for free. Nice one too.
Coffee break then..guess where..Costa. we always go there when we visit Cheshire Oaks. vin had a soy milk latte with hazelnut and I had a medio Americano. lovely break, and fairly quiet after we had arrived. 
We walked round t the Lulu guinness shop and I bought one...a handbag. lovely black leather with the lips design n the front. just the right size to carry all my bits without being too big like the one I ordred from the website online last week. And cheaper too, so i am well chuffed..really well chuffed.
Lunchtime by then so went round to the Sainsburys. Very little choice actually, so i ended up with a jacket potato with cheese and Vin had a tasted cheese and onion sandwich and ate my salad with it Looked for Chai Latte tassimo discs but they didn't have any so got some latte ones because they were on offer. back round to the M&S I had a bit of a look rounmd there while vin went to W.H.Smiths, but he didn't get anything there. he had already bought his ink from the Cross shop £4.40 for a bottle of ink! it is actually quite hard to buy ink these days, a lot of card shops etc., don't sell it.  left there at three minutes to three and were home by twenty to four. good going eh!
lovely day out, really enjoyed it.
Tonight we are having:
Cottage pie with veeggies carrots and butternut squash.

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