Friday, 18 July 2014

Happy Birthday To Meeee...

July the 18th and it's my birthday today. Only 68! Gosh where did the years go to? Got a nice card from Vin (with the price on the back! ) and one from John and Ann in Australia. Vin bought me two bunches of flowers, and John and Ann sent me a lovely little bag with lavender in it, and a really nice friendship bracelet. I love them, the way they click on a table or surface. Jane rang up at lunchtime to wish me happy birthday too, she was on her way to Uni to drop off some papers then off to work.
Funny day weatherwise, started off very blowy but not cool, quite humid actually, Now the sun is shining and it's gone warm again.
Vin went off to Tesco this morning to get the weekend things, I had to wait in for a delivery from Bullens, which actually didn't come till mid afternoon. We had a nice Macchiato on the patio this morning, that was a bit of a treat, because I don't often have a milky coffee. Very nice too.
Tonight we are having:
Cheese and onin rolls,
green beans for moi and spaghetti hoops for Vin
A few sliced potatoes fried or chips 200grms

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