Monday, 7 July 2014

Eye Eye!

Lovely bright sunny day today. I had an appointment for an eye screening at litherland health centre at ten to eleven, so our day centred around that. this was the appointment that we cancelled about four/five weeks ago because we set off for it to Aintree hospital and on the way the Heavens opened and Vin's windscreen wipers packed up! So we had to cancel it and arrange another.  As a consequence of that he was sort of forced to buy another car..which is beautiful by the way!
Got to the appointment right on time and waited about a couple of minutes and the girl called me in. Eye test and then the drops put in each eye. Back to the waiting room and wait for about twenty mins. Thought it was quite busy when I got back but people were waiting for other professionals like chiropody etc., The time went quickly and she called me back in. took about six pictures of each eye and one of the front, and that was it. Out by twenty past eleven.
the plan was then to go along to Formby Waitrose to get our veggies while we were out so we can stop in tomorrow. we could get our free coffees as well which would be nice. Went round the veggies and selected some nice mixes for the week, and a few other things that we get from there that we don't get from anywhere else. they are very good for crackers of the more unusual types that noone else has. Lovely break for a free coffee . Almost had a bit of a catastrophe because half way round i found I had lost my sunglasses. thankfully Vin noticed them in the carrots!!! must have dropped in when I was picking out some carrots from the bottom shelf. Good job he found them because the sun was so bright outside the store my eyes couldn't see anything..the drops are effective for a few hours.
So quite a busy morning.
Tonight we are having:
pizza and salad with baby plum tomatoes
Cous cous salad for Vin.

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