Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Bathroom Bliss!

Off we went to get our weekly stuff today, but first we had to go and get our shower kit from Homebase. they have a %10 deal for over 60s on a tuesday, so although Vin went and had a look at them on  Saturday so he had a good idea of the one he wanted. But, we waaited to get them till today.
we went to homebase first and then because we had an avocado to take back to Waitrose the plan was to go there afterwards. The shower bit was easy actually. A few to choose from but he got one that has a terrific new big head on it, and four settings to cover everything you need. The power shower bit looks fantastic. I bought that with the money I got from doing my YouGov surveys which was £50, so that was paid for with that. I always like to get something that you can look at and say I got that with my YouGov money! Whilst we were at it we also go a new toilet seat, our old ne has had a bit of a bashing to say the least!
Nice little quick trip round Waitrose then to get our veggies. I do like their veggies. A few other bits that we needed and then we went for a free coffee. Vin took the avocado back, and got double the money back too, so we have done quite well today. free paper too so that saves 50p.  Note...Old men should not be let out in short shorts. i would never let Vin out in short shorts! there was an old man in the cafe part with shorts mid way up his thighs, white knobbly knees and varicose veins! No definitely not!! Shouldn't wear socks either!
Home and Vin being Vin started to fix the shower in place, which he did remarkably quickly. He is really good at fixing things, very clever with his hands, and a screw driver.  Now he is fixing the new toilet seat which will revamp the bathroom quite a lot.  very well done Vin..good job!

Tonight we are having:
Escalope with mozzarella cheese and pesto
Potatoes sliced and fried
Mixed veggies,
Hollandaise sauce to go with the veg.

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