Saturday, 12 July 2014

It's the Weekend...

They do come round with monotonous regularity do weekends. generall we don't go anywhere, we leave that to the poor sods who have to work during the week, but Vin often goes off in his new car to get bits and pieces he wants to look at.
Today he wanted to get a handle for the attachments that he got from the gardening section of Tesco yesterday. I stop in and have a mooch on the computer. Rusty goes in her little hole and has a sleep till Vin gets back.
This is Vin's Toyota being driven off on a lw loader after having been sold. AAAH Bye bye old faithful.
This is his new obne outside our house. lovely Nissan Note..the colour is Cafe Latte!

This is Vin's "Selfie" with the baby..otherwise little Rusty.  Smile Vin XXXX

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