Friday, 25 July 2014

Posh Today...

Today we had a posh day and took ourselves off to Waitrose for our weekend things. One of the draws of course was the free coffees that they give, so it was a quick whizz round, got our things and then went for coffees. very nice  very surprising actually that because it was really quiet today with loads of tables free. Plenty of grandparents who seem to be on childminding duty today. Lots of little kids running around.
Vin has just come back in, he was outside but came in because it was too hot, the sun in the back garden is scorching hot, and doesn't go until it sets later on. 
big crowdes in Liverpool today because it is the day of the giants which is aloways a big draw. they are terrific, no doubt they will be on the Northwest news tonight.
Jane rang up this morning quite upset because she has failed her practical exam and has to retake it on the morning of her birthday. Apparently she missed the patella off her kneecap. She just cannot understand this because she said you just can't do that. It is like taking a picture of a hand and missing off the fingers! Oh dear..what a shame.
Tonight we are having:
Burger with chips 200 grms
Spaghetti hoops and mushrooms.

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