Thursday, 3 July 2014

Yesterday in Today out...

See weather house people. today dawned grey and a bit drizzly. We had planned to go over to maghull today, Vin had a few places he wanted to go to and I can always find something in the Bon marche and Superdrug. We parked in the square and both of the parking machines were broken so we had free parking. Always a bonus.
I started off in BM and found a really nice light jacket to wear over t-shirts etc., and a sparkly jumper with a bit of bling in the sale. Pleased with them. off to Superdrug and got some day cram I had run out of a some other bits. Vin took them back to the car and we went round to the Costa. very nice comfy seat at the front on one of their sofas, he had a soy milk latte and I had a medio Americano. We shared a 1/2 pack of little shortbreads. really pleasant in there people watching.
Cleared up when we got home and it is actually a really nice sunny day now. Typical july I suppose.
Tonight we are having:
escalope with gruyere cheese
potato croquette
mixed vegetables

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