Monday, 30 June 2014

Hello Again Blog!...

been away for a few days, since Wednesday. had a bit of a medical problem on wednesday which ended up in the A&E in Aintree. Waited 4hours to eventually be called in then they admitted me to the ward one where they look after you. Vin stayed with me most of that time, only going home when it got dark and late bless him. Then i was taken at three o'clock in the morning up to ward three where i stopped until Sunday afternoon.  Excellent care and attention and the problem looks like it was sorted with a follow up appointment in outpatients clinic in two-four months time to discuss what they can do further.Had X-rays and later a CT scan which was interesting. The radiography girls were lovely, but can't be said for the revolting aniseed drink that you have to have before you go for the scan. Ah well. i was telling Jane I think they should make them drink that so they know what it is like!!
Today we have had a "quiet" day sort of. It has been a day of parcels. returned one Quacker factory cardigan which is on the small side unusually. One Lulu Guinness handbag very reluctantly I might add because it is really too big for me. The doorbell went and it was the hermes courier who Vin knows by name now! with two parcels for neighbours.He says at this rte he will be going to their Christmas party!
Vin went off to Tescos this morning to get a few bits and bobs and came back with a camera.! it is a Samsung WB 150 which was on the reduced section. Reduced from £65 to 45 and then to £30!!so i told him to go back to get it before it went, so he did. it's a lovely camera, big zoom lens and a really good screen. Got very good reviews on the Argos site where it is £60 so it was a bargain. he does love a bargain!!
Tonight we are having:
Pizza Vin is having one from M&S and greek salads
I am having a small piece of my gluten free pizza from Tescos.

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Little Classy outing!!

Today we tok Vin's new car off to Formby to Waitrose, for the weekly veggie shopping. It5 hasn't been there yet so it was another first. We used the Sat-Nav on the way so he could show me how it worked, and it is a bit off putting, with a bossy lady voice telling you where to go. Anyway when we got to Formby we couldn't have gone the way it told us to go because there was a diversion!!
He went to Tesco first because we had to take sme avocados back forst , the one I used last night was very bad and they are £1.75 a pack  and he got the money back on them. Then took the car for its first car wash. Came out sparkling and lovely.
Off to all of our veggies a nice selection of bits and bobs, plus a really nice free coffee latte in the coffee part. Free paper so it wasn't a bad trip.  Home the long way round because of the diversion and little Rusty meeting us as we arrived. Aaaah!
One delivery today, some L.E.D. outdoor lights from QVC which were only ordered on Sunday. That was quick.
Tonight we are having:
Southern fried escalope
Bread sauce
Carrots and broccoli
baby potatoes squashed.

Monday, 23 June 2014

Toothy Pegs...

Today revolved around my visit to the dentist. not exactly a million miles away because it is only two doors down, but it was a middle of the day appointment so couldn't do anything else as well.  I had lost a filling about a week ago and this was the first appointment that they haqd available. So off I went at the right time and had my filling done.
Vin was in the baack garden doing some tidying up. he has replaced the flagstone on little Bobby's grave, and cemented that in. It is five weeks today since we lost doesn't seem that long ago at all.Still can't believe it really, and still expect her to be in the middle room when I come in to use the computer.
Beautiful sunny day here today. Blue skies and little cloud. There is a load of washing on the line blowing in a gentle breeze which is good for a change.
Little Rusty decided to go off exploring today, when we were out there having our coffee she toddled down the back garden, out of the gate and into next door's garden. Nosey little thing wanted a look round! vin had to go and get her and bring her back. What a minx.
Tonight we are having:
Pizza with mushrooms and cheese
Green salad with avocado and baby plum tomatoes
Potato salad for moi and pasta salad for Vin.

Friday, 20 June 2014

A Very Odd Day....

Well it started off as a normal sort of day. With it being Friday it was go somewhere for the shopping for the weekend, and we had some coupons for Tesco so we decided to go there.  It was a reasonably quick mooch round there, and we got all of the things we wanted plus some extras, and were home again for an extremely pleasant coffee in the garden, I had a Petit Dejuner and Vin had a Colombian. Lovely sunshine and the birds tweeting.
We had noticed that little Rusty had been a bit down and off colour today but just put it down to her having an off day. She didn't want her creme fraiche at lunchtime, and had gone off her food too. Plus after lunch she was going to the litter tray too much, and beginning to wee around a she couldn't help it.
So, Vin rang the Vets and got an appointment for ten past five, not bad eh! better than the doctors! he got his new car ready, with the seats back and off we went to the Vets. It was her favourite one Tim, who examined her all ver, listened to what Vin had said, felt her bladder, and she obliged by doing a wee on their table!! he said that he couldn't feel anything on her bladder which is good and most likely it was a case of cystitis. he gave her an antibiotic injection and a reduced dose of anti inflammatory and £45 lighter we were on our way home.
Nice coffee outside in the garden again, and a late tea for us today.
All in all a bit of variety today.
Tonight we had:
Baked potato with cheese and mushrooms
Vin had a small tin of chilli beans in sauce with his too.

Thursday, 19 June 2014


Jenny nine Toes took her tootsies off to netherton this morning to the chiropodist, I had a bit of a problem with a toe which they had been dealing with, and the only one they could fit me into was this one.
Got there just on the appointed time twenty to eleven, and pretty much as soon as I walked in and sat down he came and called my name. Big burly would never think he was a chiropodist, extremely nice...had a quick look and said it was ok now and healed so that was good. i was out in a few minutes. Vin had gone over the way to the shopping square t get a couple of things so I waited a while then phoned him on my mobie and he came back in a few mins.
Nice quiet journey back via the garden centre. We bought a few ivy plants to go into hanging baskets with the fuschias that we bought at Dobbies yesterday.
Coffee at home today, sat outside on the bench..very pleasant indeed sat in the sunshine. Vin had a Chai latte and I had a macchiato less sweet.  I was doing a bit of a letter to John and Ann so I carried on with that, and Vin did the hanging baskets for the back and the front one by the front door. They look good now, cleared away the old greenery and put the new plants in.
Looks a bit like this one which was last years. It's lovely and sunny today so they should start filling out soon.
Tonight we are having:
Something from the freezer
remaining veggies
new potatoes sliced and fried in fry light.

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Bye Bye Little Car!

Aaaah it's gone..don't really know where but Vin rang a number he had yesterday, and a chap said he was interested and came to have a look at about five thirty last night. he had a low loader, and he and Vin did a deal, and Vin got the car tax back which he will get £160 back for so he was fairly happy I think. So, off it went at about six o'clock n the low loader, so it's gone. Been a smashing car, but after the trouble with the windscreen wiper motor he said he just couldn't be sure what else would go wrong,. It's out with the old and in with the new.
Off we went this morning to Dobbies. Its first little outing there. The plan was to look for some plants for the hanging baskets at the back of the house where we have four on our back wall. However, when  we got there and had a look outside we saw some already planted hanging baskets at a fiver each, so we got those instead, then some lovely fuschias for the basket at the front.
Had our free coffees which was nice, vin had a flat white and I had an Americano. Quite quiet, always plenty of room to move round there.
Home with our purchases, all went very well into the back of the new car, and the air con is such a treat in the warm weather.
Jane has just rung up actually and said that she had her air con on too and it was great.
All in all a very nice outing today!
Tonight we are having:
Pasta with mushrooms
A bit of garlic bread for Vin
butternut squash.

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Day In !!

No appointments today so we stopped in. Vin was trying to get the motor going from the windscreen wipers but to no avail, and he has now decided to bite the bullet and try recycling it..or get it to a scrap dealers. Shame, but he has come to the conclusion that nobody buys old cars, and by any standards this is an old car being twenty years old. So he has emptied it out and now is ringing round.
I did a pile of ironing this morning then got on the computer and started a letter to John and Ann, which is long overdue.
 Last night a filling came out of my tooth, so on the way to get the papers Vin called in at the dentists to see if they had an appointment..apparently I had just missed a cancellation and the next ne is for Monday!!!! so I now have a hole with a jagged edge that I have to put up with till Monday!!!
A bit of news on the car front..Vin has just come up to say that he has a man coming to look at it shortly so fingers crossed for him.
So, not a huge amount done today..Jane has just rung up to say she was on her way home from Uni, she had been doing some work there in her group. Some of the ones in the group are time wasters by the sound of it..glad Jane isn't one of them. One thing about our Jane she is a real grafter and a very hard worker. Good for her.
She still loves her little new car, and bought a load of car cleaning things in Tesco yesterday. car wax shampoo sponge, all sorts at reduced prices, so has decided that "Rory" needs a wash so she was going home to do that. Aaaah!
Tonight we are having:
Escalope with cheese and broccoli
Baby Jersey royals except they aren't very baby now!
Mixed vegetables,
Sauce maybe a hollandaise.

Monday, 16 June 2014

There Are Some Days When....

Everything goes right. After a somewhat disturbed night,  it was not a really early start for us, but we got out at about 11ish. The idea was to go over to Aintree where I was well overdue for a blood test, and then on to M&S to get a bit of shopping..veggies and such like. Well we got to Aintree in the new car, Vin drove it on the  Motorway for the first time, and parked outside the front for a few minutes while I went up to the floor. Got up there while Vin went to park and my heart sank! the waiting room was absolutely heaving people everywhere, and queues at the admission desk. Went round the corner to where they take the bloods expecting a massive queue and there wass only one person waiting !!!! Not what I was excpecting at all!! So i barely sat down and the beeper went for me to go in. great... Done by a girl called Jennifer.. so when I left I said "Goodbye jennifer " and she said "Goodbye jennifer" Vin was waiting outside and he went to get the car while i sat in the sun.
Off we went to M&S..parking space right outside! again..he toddled off to Halfords to look at car mats and I started to look round M&S. had a look at handbags..awful..not what I want at all..had a look at jewellery and fond a dinky little ring to keep my wedding ring on so pleased with that. Then up for One free one and one to be paid for. I had an Americano and Vin had a flat white. Nice table..wasn't overcrowded at all, and a good sit down and chat.
he went off to look at men's things and I had a look at Leighton Denny nail varnishes..always on the lookout for a new colour and found a nice one..bronzed babe!! Where do they get the names from.
Down to the food hall for our veggies. Got some lovely flowers two bunches for a fiver.. aqnd lots of treat things too. All in all a very successful shop.
Home very smoothly with the air con on to a little cat waiting for us in the hall! bless.
Tonight we are having:
Pizza with mushrooms and extra cheese
Potato salad for Moi and rice salad for Vin
green salad with avocado and baby plum tomatoes.

Sunday, 15 June 2014

Birthday Girl...

Our birthday girl is 21 today..well as near as dammit. We went for her twenty years ago on Father's Day and she was one year ld then so she is twenty one today! Happy birthday little Rusty.
Quite a lot happened the week just gone. Jane went for her new car on Wednesday and she is absolutely very happy bunny. She has called it Rory after Rusty who she used to call Rory when she lived at home. She keeps ringing us up telling us all about it and has sent a few emails with photos.
Beautiful little bright red citroen C1. cost me half of her graduation money, some from a bank account that wasn't doing anything, and some from my current account, so we managed it in the end. very economical, and the car tax is only £20 so not a burden there. Enjoy it deserve it.
Vin also has a new car..his is a Nissan Note in Cafe latte..very appropriate name! and is reallty lovely. he is thrilled with his too.
On an animal seems that our road is bereft of animals lately. Our cat Bobby was put to sleep one month tomorrow, our next door neighbours cat was put to sleep about a month before that, and the girl in the end house gave her lovely persian cat to a friend because it wasn't getting on with the newisgh dog, then the dog bit her little girl on the face and later the hand, so they took that back to the lady they got it from, and didn't have the heart to ask for their cat back because the friend had fallen in love with it. So, funny things happening in our road with animals at the moment.
Tonight we are having:
pizza with cheese and tomato and mushrooms
Green salad with avocado and baby plum tomatoes
Potato salad for moi and rice salad for Vin.

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Big Day For Jane...

Well it is a big day for her today. It is the day that she went to collect her new car. A beautiful bright scarlet red Citroen C1.. She rang us up on her way there excited..and rang us up when she got there to enquire about some insurance they were trying to sell her which she didn't need, then rang us up after she had got it and sitting on their car park playing with the bits and bobbs that all worked.
She said the bloke was showing her everything and turned the radio on, and she said Oh it works!!  The last car she called Skippy because it was, and this car she is calling Rory. She rang us up again and said "I love it..I love it" obviously thrilled to bits. So..we have a happy bunny daughter.
Vin spent the morning ringing up about his car too..he contacted some metal dealer in Bootle who said that the car he has are often bought by Nigerians to ship overr there, where they fix them up. I don't think Vin cares who buys it as long as somebody does.  He went over the road to a country lane to take some pics of it which look quite good actually, and he is going to put it on Gumtree now.
So a very big day for the family today.
Tonight we are having:
Escalope with gruyere cheese
Potato croquettes
Mixed vegetables carrots broccoli and cauli
hollandaise sauce.

Tuesday, 10 June 2014


No not really..not by any means, but I did start the day by putting a big bank transfer into Jane's bank account for her. Tomorrow is D-Day for her, she is off to get her new car.  She rang up last night on her way back from work  Ticketmaster..very tired poor little girl, but was in till four today then off for a nice meal with one of her friends tonight so that was perking her up.
Then tomorrow she is off to collect her new car, and was getting excited.
I also rang up the hairdressers for a cut this morning too, and got an appointment for 11.30, since it was sunny it was ok, so took that. The plan was to get my hair cut then off to Tesco's for the weeks veggie things and anything else we needed. had to wait about half an hour though, but since it was a last minute appt i couldn't complain. nice haircut actually, she does it just right, and makes it look a lot tidier.
Had a very quick scoot round tesco's. got what we needed then went for a Costa. Vin had a gorgeous looking flat white and I had an Americano..and we had a nice chat. great place to go..I love Costas, wish I had shares in them.
Home to pouring rain..good job we went out when we did actually given that his windscreen wipers packed in anyway!
Tonight we are having:
cottage pie with gravy

Monday, 9 June 2014

Twas A Monday Morning...

Had a delivery of some new laundry eggs this weekend, two. one for coloured and one for whites. So have kept the coloured one and are sending Jane the one for white uniforms so that should help , she won't need t buy laundry tabs so often.
We had to do the bedding on Saturday, so that was suitting on the chair waiting to be ironed.
Since it was raining this morning which meant we coudn't go out his car not having a reliable windscreen wiper, we stopped in and did bits and bobs.
Started with the ironing while Vin washed his car in the drizzle. He said it wasn't stupid because the rain softens the gunge on the top. fair enough.
Nice cheap coffees today. Vin had a kenco and I had a Kenco Crema, very nice.
Vin got Jane a little parcel ready this morning too, the laundry egg,a packet of washing machine cleaning powder. some little diamonique earrings and a bag of Maltesers.  A bit of a treat to keep her going.
Little Rusty has had a makeover. Vin bought her a new pink collaar, very pretty with little cat faces on it, and a new cat basket with pink background and paw prints n it. Gorgeous.
Tonight were having :
Pizza with mushrooms and cheese
Green salad with avocado and baby plum tomatoes
Potato salad and Rice salad for Vin.

Friday, 6 June 2014

Friday Again..

they come round with monotonous regularity these Fridays!  I had a plan yesterday to try and get Vin to Formby to the barbers, and also to get our weekend things at Waitrose.
grumpy looks from him when I suggested that, but we went anyway. I thought he would get his hair done before the shops but in the event we did it the other way round.
Got all of our stuff in said shop, then had a lovely free Latte from there it's a good ffer that one. Plus a free paper too..he got a Telegraph today! He bumped into one of his past colleagues from work today too which is a co-incidencebecause they live quite a way away and don't go there very often.
Funny thing when we parked his car we noticed a car the same as the one Jane has bought right in front of us, so we squeezed past and had a look. It looks great, lovely style and a terrific colour, a really nice bright red..very sporty looking. She will be thrilled with that I think.
Out of the car park and off home but there was a queue to get out so I said why not go to the barbers and see if they are busy. Big glare! so he with some annoyance pulls left and goes to the little parking bay behind the barbers. Leaves me with the radio on and gets out of the car giving me a terrible look on the way. "See you in an hour" he says!
Well about fifteen minutes later he arrives back with a nice short hair cut and looking so much tidier. Takes years off him getting a good cut.
Home for lunch.
D-Day Anniversary today, so it's all over the news and papers today. There is a picture of a beach covered in little Union jacks with the words Thankyou on them..very moving.

Tonight we are having:
Cheese and onion pasties from Waitrose
green beans for moi and mushrooms for Vin
Rice pudding from Waitrose.

Thursday, 5 June 2014

Proud owner!!

Vin is now the proud owner of a new car!
First off this morning was a visit to the podiatry clinic at Thornton for me at 10 past10. So, we were up quite early and still left the house only just nhj time! Went in straight away didn't have to wait at all, I wish all of my clinic appointments were that easy. She was lovely and cut all of my toenails and dressed a toe that she said had a bit of an infection. Go back next week on friday to get it checked.
The plan was to then go to crosby Park garage to have a look at Nissan cars, mainly Micras which Vin wanted to downsize to However, he had seen a couple of nice Nissan Note caars yesterday when he went to have a look for some possible contenders. The first car he showed me when we got there was a Note which is called "Cafe Latte" rather appropriate for us actually :) !.  It is beautiful..a really lovely car, only done 13.000 miles and is like new inside.  He took it for a test drive with the bloke inside, and decided to buy it. So, in the event we didn't look at any others! Everything about it is great, the seats fold down , four door, super radioand CD Air Conditioning too which is a bonus, he is thrilled with it. if you were looking for a used car, it is the sort of car you would go ffor. So in he goes to negotialtte a price, and eventually got it down by £400 which was good and he signed on the dotted line.
A good morning's work all round. he has sorted his money out now all I have to do is sort out Jane's money too and we have two new cars in the family this week. Janes is bright red and has done 6.100 miles and her Dads has done just double that, so we have done well this week. She is picking hers up on Wednesday and we are picking ours up on Thursday.
Home to a Cafe Latte...What else could we have!!!
Tonight we are having:
Something out of the freezer
mixed vegetables,
New potatoes peeled and squashed,
Gravy with some mushrooms.

Wednesday, 4 June 2014


Today has been a motoring sort of day. Sine vin had a problem with his windscreen wipers on Monday he has been looking for a replacement part. not a huge lot of luck but did get a few offers online. So he has decided i think to go for something newer, and smaller.
After breakfast he went off to crosby to the nissan garage to have a look at some cars there. he saw a number of micras and also Nissan Notes which look like a nice middle of the range car. I think he has seen one which he likes the look of so the plan tomorrow is for moi to go for my Chiropody appointment at ten past ten in the morning and then to go along to have a look at some cars there.
We shall see.
jane however has her car sorted out, She has paid a deposit on the one she was looking at, and is going to get it on Wednesday. It will be taxed, M.O.T.d and a full tank of petrol. So the family looks like they are all going for new motors.
Tonight we are having:
Pasta with a cheese sauce,
A bit of garlic bread for Vin,
butternut squash
Maybe some mushrooms.

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

The Ungrumping of the Family.....

Well a funny day today! Started off with Vin ringing up the Toyota garage for ordering a new windscreen wiper motor assembly. Only to find that they no longer stock them! So that has put the mockers on that idea. it is either find one in a scrapyard or a new car! Decisions!¬
So off we went to tesco for our veggies for the week. had a good moch round there and got everything that we needed well more than we needed actually but that was ok. I decided that we would go for a Costa the idea was to perk Vin up after his disappointment of his car. It did the trick, he had a nice Soy Latte and I had a tasty Americano, and we shared a little bag of shortbreads half of which we will have another day.
Jane rang up not long after we got home to say that she had been for a test drive in the car she had been looking at. A citroen C1 which is one of the Supermini cars. beautiful bright red and only done 8,100 miles or thereabouts. It is in a Citroen dealership and has a year's M.O.T. car tax which is only £20  Air cion, CD radio etc., She liked it, and was telling us about it when we were looking at it online. vin noticed that the price had gone down, Jane said it was dearer yesterday!! so that was a bonus. She rang them to ask and it turns out that they had reduced it more.. so that was good. Extra good actually. Plus they would give her £150 for her rust bucket! She said the man looked at it and laughed!
She was on her way to the University for an interview,so I said go0 for it..and transferred the £250 deposit into0 her bank. Isn't online banking easy!! I now have a very thrilled daughter with a nearly new car which she is going to pick up on Wednesday. She will be excited. I had some money in The coventry building Society that I was earmarking for when she graduated but she can have that now instead. So there is around £4,600 to pay and she will hopefully have really good motoring for a good few years.  Well done Jane..that's for working hard.
Now we don't know what Vin is going to do..he has to be sorted out yet.
Tonight we are having:
Escalope with gruyere cheese
new Jersey Royals before they finish,
mixed vegetables
hollandaise sauce.

Monday, 2 June 2014

Sods Law !!

Well the best laid plans etc.,
Awoke early by a miaowing cat beside Vin's ear looking for food at half past five this morning. That seemed to wake both of us...I usually sleep through it, but didn't this morning.
Went bck to sleep after he had gone down to feed her and then slept in a bit. Had an appointment at the eye clinic this morning in Aintree hospital, so had decided to get my blood test done at the same time. Got my slap on..all dressed up, nails done last night etc., etc., and very early lunch for us, gobbled down because we were running out of time. Supposed to leave the house at about a quarter past twelve and were a bit later. Vin said just as we were leaving that it was starting to rain, got on our way and to Ince  and the Heavens opened. Then....
The windscreen wipers on his car went. dead as a Dodo! nothing! So he kept pulling over to wipe the windscreen and the rain kept on. Eventually we had to make the decision to phone them and explain and cancel the appointment. Wonder how often they have heard that given as an excuse!!  Was given another one for the 7th july at Litherland, so that was good.

Had to come home and we had a nice cup of coffee instead!  Vin now has the problem of what to do. Funny thing was, when he went out to move the car...Yep! the wipers worked!1 Isn't that typical. So..does he replace the motor unit or does he buy a newish car? he will decide.
Jane is looking at a new car too. She has her eye on a citroen C1 which is a supermini..and has 9.200 miles on the clock. Up at £5.445 i think it is. this is a reputable garage so she wouldn't have the problems that she had at the other one. This is covered by warranty etc., so a better deal. Nice bright red colour too. Hopefully that would give her a few years of trouble free motoring.
I did some more clearing out this afternoon. Cleared my chest of drawers of T-shirts that are too big. breaks my heart actually because they are lovely ones I bought in America, but they are miles too big so can't use them. off to a Charity shop.
Tonight we are having:
pizza with mushrooms and pepper for Vin
green salad with baby plum tomatoes and avocado
potato salad for moi and a celery salad for Vin.