Friday, 29 May 2015


Nice little outing this morning. Started off very dark and overcast this morning but it has cleared up now and is nice and sunny. I went out in my wintry coat with the fur hood but it did get a tad warm as the morning went on. You just can't tell what to wear these days.
We went over to Dobbies mainly to get our free coffees for the month. Vin's car is great, really comfortable and rides like a dream, lovely to go out in. 
 Had  little mooch first and spotted some nice hanging baskets on the way in by the front door so planned to get them later. They were £5 each, but with the garden club discount they work out at £4 so a good buy.
Lovely coffees two large lattes and we take our own biscuits there so no expenditure. Mind we made up for that later :) 
People watching today as usual. Funny little kid in a high chair in the cafe part. It was having a really great time chuicking things out of its chair. Every time the mum and gran gave it back again it chucked it out again. Hilarious. Another interesting couple sat by the window. An old gentleman and a young very attrative girl with him. I thought she was his daughter, but Vin said that she was too young, maybe his grand daughter, then he said probably his carer. Wonder which?
Vin went off to get the hanging baskets and I qent to the food hall bit and got some of our biscuits that we like, and some cheese and onion croquettes, and some shortbreads. Then home via Tesco to get some soup for lunch.
Jane rang up this afternoon, she has a flat tyre so Vin told her to ring the AA and get it changed, that's all she needs poor kid.
Tonight we are having:

Something tastyish from the freezer probably. Not sure what yet.

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