Saturday, 2 July 2016

Two Bricks!!

Well yesterday turned into a bit of a marathon! Went for the Podiatary clinic appointment at 11 O'clock for what I thought was an ordinary appointment and it turned into something longer. Turned out that the dressing put on by the last District Nursie hadn't been put on properly so the cast had been rubbing on the ulceer, so that needed a bit more attention. She also felt that the other foot needed a cast on it as well, so one was done for that. Hence I am now walking on two bricks rather than one. Ah Well, all will heal one day I hope.
Meanwhile poor Vin is ferrying me round the appoint,emts like a trooper. The 8 O'clock one was hard going though. It was like getting up early for Disney but without the fun!!We did get a lovely breakfast in Costa though so there was a bit of a silver lining.
The weather this weekend is awful. It is sunny today, but cold though.   We were watching Wimbledon ladies tennis yesterday,and there was a good match between Venus Williams and a young 19year old who was more than holding her own. In fact they were neck and neck until the final set and Venus was 6 5 up and at match point, and the Heavens opened so they had to draw the covers over the court. We didn't actually see the end but she did win 10-8 so she had a good battle.I do like a bit of tennis, at least it is more interesting than football!Wales won their match last night so now suddenly everyone is Welsh!!

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