Friday, 30 June 2017


30th of June today and it is really cold. So much so that when Vin asked me what I wanted for my lunch I said Yogit, he shivered and  then said he was having soup. So that is what we had. Carrot and Coriander Baxters which was very nice.Warming too. Terrible isn't it only last week or so we were sweltering in the heat, now we are back to having soup for lunch! 
Neither of us really felt like going out today so we didn't . We were toying with the idea of going for a Costa to Tesco's but instead we had our coffees at home, I had a beautiful Cappuccino and he had an Americano  with a milk pod, and a nice shortbread biscuit each. All a heck of a lot cheaper that going to Costa as well. 
Little Jessie has been doing her normal things, sleeping  a bit, eating quite often, going out through the cat flap and having a mooch about  garden. She is very good about going out and coming in again, and is easily frightened when in the garden so doesn't stray far. 
Having a nice little rest after a tiring day!!  

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