Thursday, 21 May 2015


A bit of a mixture today. Vin did quite a bit of ringing up this morning because he wanted to arrange his financialadvice about his pension amounts etc., So he made an appointment for next Tuesday afternoon. he also rang the Specsavers hearing clinic for me to arrange an appointment next friday at one o'clock. That was a rearranged appointment because I had to cancel the last one that was made due to illness.  Fingers crossed for this one. 
Nice coffee in today, I had a petit dejuner and Vin had a Colombian with a milk pod, both made a lovely coffee.
Then the nice little occupational therapist came dead on time at half past one with a board for the bath/shower. She fitted it on the bath and showed vin how to do it and we tried it out. She showed me how to use it properly so that will be useful I think. Makes it much easier and steadier to get in and out of the shower. looking forward to a really nice shower now with my L'Occitane bath shower gels. Oh luxury. 
 Weather still cool, and still got heaters on but the sun is shining but no warmth there yet and still not sitting outside.  Vin has gone out this afternoon to do a bit of tidying up and tending to his plants. there is an orchid in the house which has been going for a good few years now but is not doing anything at the moment so he is looking at that.Maybe it will regenerate. Fingers crossed.

Tonight we are having:
No idea whatsoever, apart from veggies in the fridge and mashed potato.

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